Why nuki has problems

ok yall this is my opinion. If you really like akuma, then maybe you must know of nuki, if not youtube his ass!!!:mad:

look at the way nuki plays, he has skill…but no intelligence…no technique.

he can poke the shit out of you, has nice sense of distance, and can pull out ragin demons out of nowhere .

but… as i said, he has skill, but no technique. HE NEVER LEARNED HOW TO FAKE… the most common fake in cvs2 is fake a poking strinbg and go for a grab…this is a great fake, and works alot when uve been poking ur oponent for a long and wanna change taktic.

all nuki does is hit and hit and hit you with his gouki un til something happens, it can be good, but if he tried sometimes to fake - grab or fake - ragin demon ( since he does the ragin demon fast ) he would have a better chance. the way he plays is linear, alot of skills but u can just stay there and block him and hope for the best.

i hope im clear…do yall agree with me?

Your the man :rofl:


hehe. I used to play like nuki, but i did it with AALL the characters. poking and poking / doing bigstuff etc without thinking.

Until Rick Fn Stalvey came to my house and we played. There wasnt no big diffrence in skill with both of us althou he had more knowledge. He beat me all the time because he played me like a puppet, faking me all the time wich broke my rythm, he played with perfect technique.

So when i saw this i tried to study what he did and i got a lil hang of it. Next time we played, we wer almost even, i won way way more then before.

This is gotta be the most stupid thread Ive ever seen

Play and then talk.

Nuki’s biggest strenght is how consistent he is

play and then talk? ive been playing cvs2 since it came out, i have tried what i am talking about with players that used to beat me all the time and it works. yes he is consistent…consistently linear. I never said he is a bad player. his akuma is way better then mine, but his gameple is linear. have u ever seen in at least ONE of his matchs him grabbing somebody / faking. NO!! and faking is the only way to put an other flavor in ones gameplay wich he doesnt.

Someone please lock this thread before this little boy gets himself into more trouble…

altho i don’t play N groove nor do i play akuma…from what i have observed and heard from evo, nuki does rush senseless, but i might be wrong

look at how Daigo plays. He is so good at keeping you guessing that he can just walk up to you and grab you when hes about half way away from you from the screen. When you see Daigo playing you see variety, he does not just go on his oponenent and hit hit hit hit until something happens, this is why he always goes far. For all the haters at least go see the matchs and try to understand, there is a diffrence beetween skill and technique, nuki has skill, Daigo has skill ANd technique.

guy, nuki is really good. the fact that he can hang with n akuma says a lot about how good he really is. he gets countered more than you could ever imagine but pulls out wins left and right. it only looks mindless because you don’t play at his level. trust me or anyone who knows anything about the game. he deserves serious props and his mix up game is beyond 95% of the cvs2 world.

LOL @ this thread. Jokes.

be honest…if nuki faked alot of his endless consistent poking strings, wouldnt he better? yes or no

lol. you do realize akuma is a pressure character right? if he’s not in your face, he’s probably getting smashed.

first of all, you dint answer my question : * be honest…if nuki faked alot of his endless consistent poking strings, wouldnt he better? yes or no *

and second…who said hes a pressure character? so this means that we all have to play him the same way? you must take the character, learn him and make him your own. plus, if its ttrue that his a in your face character, well this is the perfect time to fake right? since oponents will expect endless pokings and etc, they wont exepct any kind of fake. play smart man.

Who are you again? I’ve never heard of you. Why don’t you go beat people and then you can talk shit. No one cares if you’ve been playing since it came out. I’ve been playing fuckin’ Melty Blood B.2 since it came out and I’m not fucking good.

Oh yeah, I bet if he plays you he’ll beat you. Faking or not. He wins.

A friend once told me, if it beats people, it works.

Mizuki, all you did, as alot of people did when i posted something such as this, is get pissed and try to attack me. You didnt say nothing and you didnt answer my question : * be honest…if nuki faked alot of his endless consistent poking strings, wouldnt he better? yes or no *

At least put up some good arguments to explain that you diasagree with me. And youve never heard of me…and? ive never heard of you as well. And you say beat people then talk shit? do you know who i play against? are you God or something and knows evrything I do?

And I never said he wont beat me…gosh… sorry but you are acting stupid. I never said he cant beat me lol, I said he would be BETTER!!! if he faked / used diversity.

you just make me laugh with your angered post LOL.

  • Oh yeah, I bet if he plays you he’ll beat you. Faking or not. He wins. * how childish LOL

i think you’re forgetting something very important here.

and that’s the fact that he wins more than anyone else on this forum, probably. he wins a lot more than a ton of other players in japan. he does have a mixup game, and he does “fake people out,” it is simply in a way you do not quite understand, and at a level you probably can never hope to achieve.

not only that, but sticking out a million pokes is, in itself, already a form of mixup. by playing in a specific, straightforward way, you can train your opponent to react to certain situations in specific ways. when they think they’ve caught on, you can take the appropriate actions to force your opponent into thinking that your “simple strategy” is actually incomprehensibly effective.

you’re just seeing a tiny part of the picture and missing the entire point because of it.

what a joke… :rolleyes:

to answer your question, the answer is no. by leaving gaps in his attacks, akuma opens himself up his biggest weakness, which is getting pushed out. grabs are very easy to tech in cvs2 in most cases, so instead of pushing the opponent to the corner and building bar so he can pop and have you afraid of a raging demon so bad you leave yourself open to low shorts, you suggest what? zoning? running up and grabbing? he sucks at that. your suggestion is garbage because it involves removing akumas greatest strength and replacing it with, “gee, let me run up, stop, and grab. sure they can literally just press any button they want and fuck akuma up, but i’ll be faking! elite strat!” but yeah, i’m sure you have as much knowledge and experience against top players as nuki does so you aren’t just trying to pass off noobish tunnel vision as good advice.

wait a sec…randomsuper…how can a character suck at running on and grabbing? its the same with all the characters. and nothingx, how can sticking a million poke is a form of faking? hes doing the same thing over and over…look at all his matchs, its the same ol thing. hes the kind of player that all you have to do to break his confidence is pic a character that you put him out of his confort zone like vega or blanka etc. Just watch the way Daigo plays, and then compare it to Nuki, youll see what i mean whem im talking about beeing able to play with the oponents mind.

Nuki is not really using strategy, and if he is, the only strategy hes using is poking the shit out of his oponents and then ragin demoning him. hes just really aggressive with no technique. And again i never said he sucks, i say he would be better if he played with more intelligence.