Why on earth is P-Groove so slept on?

Ok, I always used to be one of those guys who thought P-Groove was too much theory fighter and not enough possibility. I thought it wasn’t humanly posible to use it like 3S, and so left it alone competitivly. Yesterday I woke up and could parry pretty much anythin 3S-style. Now I’m not talking about ‘I can parry 24 hit supers’ or garbage like that, yeh I can parry some but that’s not the point. I’m talking like I just read random blanka slide xx low parry xx c.mk xx lvl3 shine knuckle. I had free jump in’s for like 3hrs straight. Whatever character my friends were using, whatever anti-airs they used, I just parried, then landed into mixups. (Maybe that was just due to p-kyo being the man that he is, bt still.)

Seriously though I was just throwing out parries and option selects like it was 3S, and it was working. Normally I win but all our matches are close, down the the wire someone gets guardcrushed type things. With P I was just OCV’ing to the shizznit. I was also using K and JD’sing a lot, but it didn’t have quite the same ‘free jump in’ effects due to me bouncing back up n stuff. Like people can learn to adapt to JD’d jump in’s, but they can’t do much about parry>down+hp. Once They started to just block, then came the empty jump>throws.

The only things I ever got caught by were when by friend would like meet me air-to-air then activate>CC.

So seriously why isn’t P seen around a lot more? I was watching some of my replays cause we were saving shit, and I looked a lot like Legendary Gokou :P. Parry > Anti-Air.

Keep bragging like this and I’ll be flying down to Australia to smurf slap you. :bluu:

Lol I don’t mean to brag. I’m still far too inexperienced on tourney level, and the consitency of my execution on a stick is very, very, pitiful. When I said I don’t normally lose, I meant in reference to the group I was playing with that night.

I just really don’t see why free Parry jump in’s aren’t abused by more people. I had no idea how useful they were. I’ve seen some vids of people in K (Leezy, Smooth) and P (Legendary Goku) abuse them, along with others. However this is such a small minority of the CvS2 community.

I’m just saying I think so much emphasis on learning to ‘parry super fireball’ and ‘RC this, RC that’ and not enough on learning how to use parry/jd properly. Take special note that I stated the word use, not do. That and people thinking jd’ing works anywhere nearly as good as Parry does. JD does not lead to free jump in’s on good people. I repeat Parry > AA.

So why isn’t there a surge of P-Groovers? I’l list all the good P-Groovers I’ve ever heard of. Ready? Begin;

…and Legendary Gokou has some skills.

Wow. Impressive. 3 people.

nothing else to do.

here’s a few more names for the list.


i know a couple locals down in socal who are pretty good with P-groove, they just don’t post much or get eXTremely high rankings.

add deshiken, arcadekid, and jwong to that list, but you still don’t make any sense.

P-groove gets too few supers, it’s that simple. for every 1 P-groove super you hit me with, i’m coming back with at least 2 chip CC’s, 2 level 2’s, or 1 or 2 random K-groove supers. the damage just doesn’t add up for P-groove. and “crazy mixups” don’t account for that extra damage. i don’t care how sick makoto’s P-kyo is.

plus, jump in parry is not a good strategy at all. if your opponent has 1/25 of a brain, then they’ll mix up their attacks or air throw if that character has one. and no, you’re not going to guess correctly on each jump in. you randomly beating your friends with P-groove doesn’t prove ANYTHING, sorry.

oh yea, and A-sakura fucks up P-groove’s world.

i’m tired of beating the dead horse of why P-groove sucks. MAYBE if it got more supers, or had red-parry to not be owned by A-groove, or had EX moves, then it’d a groove of contention, but that’s not the way things are.

I forgot about arcadekid >.<

I just flatout disagree with a couple of points you have there popoblo. I wasn’t stating that jump in parries were unstoppable, but they are a very good tool to have. The point about lack of supers has been overhyped I think. The fact is that you don’t need to have a super every 3 seconds when in P-Groove. It’s just such a strong mixup groove, you can rely on normals and specials to win games. P-Kyo is a very strong mixup character, but he’s by far not the only one.

Also Parry is just the nicest thing to have. Whatever problems one of your characters may have in a matchup, Parry can usually bypass. The thing is if you know what’s giving you grief (let’s say Sakara’s s.hk just as a random example) then you know to look for it, and parry allows you to counter it, when your character had no counter otherwise.

I’m not saying P-Groove is beastly unfair. It DOES have less supers, meaning you have be patient with your meter, and get full effect out of it. You DO need really strong footsies and knowledge of matchups becuase you will be playing without meter most of the game. You WILL have problems with A-Groove.

The fact remains it’s still underrated as hell IMHO.

Ranevski do u play much cvs2 in sydney? dont see many ppl using p groove at playtime

I think you guys have basically listed every P-Groove player that has had a vid on the internet.

Oh yeah, parry > antiair when the guy anti airing has NO IDEA how to get around a parry and keeps doing the same aa over and over again regardless of the fact that the pgroover is parrying it each time. Someone needs to teach your friends how to air grab, or how to bait/punish excessive parrying.

I was about to post about baiting parries. There are alot of dangerous risks you take if you revolve your game around parrying/counter hit. Without solid ground game to back up your game parry is nothing.

Before someone else repeats it, we know you cannot revolve your entire game around parries. I’m just saying I think it’s a hell of a lot more useful than people think it is. They think the timing is too short or something in relation to the speed that cvs2 plays at, hence making it worthless. I’m saying IMO that you can use parry in CvS2 just like you could in 3S.

I just started attending University of Sydney in the city, so I’ve been stopping by Playtime more often lately (as oppossed to never.) I haven’t been using P-Groove there yet though.

P-groove slept on? That was the case like 3 years ago. me and few other people were trying to preach how good P was. But nowadays i see a lot of people playing P. N-groove is the most slept on groove today.

The only thing holding P-groove back is A-groove.

Parry into level 3 is too good to deny.

A Parry Super will definately get a “OOH” no doubt

When I play against a P groover who doesn’t have meter, I’m not as scared as if they had meter. Why? because a mistake on my part, and a parry super will kill my momentum and will either even up the match or put them at a comfortable lead.

When I do play P groove, I dont even try to Parry all day, it’ll get you killed. You also don’t use regular jumps so you can parry their antiair, its the same reason why you don’t try to JD all AA’s with K, sure you can get a JD/Parry and hit them back, but they are going to bait it and throw you when you land, or they’ll just use a multihit AA to make it hard for you to parry/JD.

With all that said. P groove is definately a good groove to play. The parry factor is basically enough by itself to play it. People are afraid of getting their attacks parried and counter hit back. Imagine getting 3, 4 or maybe even 5 consecutive parries in a row and dizzying the person. That will make the person afraid to even poke anything out.

The setbacks I see from being a P groove player (although my main groove is K) Is that:

  1. JDing is easier
  2. It takes a lot more work to establish your game and have some momentum, you cant Roll Super like in C, You cant random actvate like in A, you cant random run up super in K. You have to work with parries and just playing smart without Supers.
  3. The option to parry will give many people the false idea that they can stop anything, which will lead them to parry when it’s not neccessary. Many people think that and I sometimes find myself thinking “I should’ve just blocked” after I tried to parry what I thought was going to be high or low and I eat a huge combo/super.

I play K groove as my main groove but I’ll play P groove occasionally to mix things up a bit. I am not knocking P in any way. Because when you win, its fun.

I think it’s pretty clear just by seeing the posts in this thread that people have very different opinions on this.

Honestly I’m not finding parrying multihit AA’s that hard to parry anymore. Also you shouldn’t be getting thrown when you jump in (on the ground,) as if you empty jump you should at least tech when you land. What you should be doing is option selecting a jump in like hp anyway. Option select is the stuff once you know how to use it :clap:.

Also I don’t agree on the ‘A-Groove holding P-Groove back.’ A definatly hurts P, no doubt. But A counters K far worse, and it’s not exactly holding K back from being popular with scrubs and pro’s alike.

Not really. P groove has a shorter guard-bar than K thus making it more susceptible to A-groove sho sho sho.

Also P charges up extremely slow. Plus there are no damage/defense bonuses when you actually have full meter like C.

In P don’t you do more guard damage when you have full meter?

I agree totally…

P-Groove is underestimated to an extent that’s why most people don’t play on it. As far as that goes for me I play in P-Groove because it takes skill and also because I like parrying…even in 3rd Strike. Sometimes I think people just don’t have the courage to play in it because they need utilities such as roll cancelling and CCs. Here’s a request; I would like to see more top-tier characters being played on P-Groove just to add spice to there overly used ass. One more thing…I would like to add another P-Groove player to the list since almost everyone is naming one that’s on the internet:

VDO (from my town Detroit) who kick ass without the top-tier

And if you’ve never seen him on the internet just pm me and I’ll show you where to go. I’m out!

I’d say that P-Groove’s greatest asset is that it makes you improve your game dramatically. There aren’t any roll supers or random activations allowed in P Groove. You do a random super, and that character, PLUS your next character has no meter to work with. Forcing yourself to combo your supers really improves a player. Not to mention the fact that you have to step up for footsies as well.

How could I forget him. He owns up with P-Raiden (abuses the crazy throw range) someone else and Joe. Too good.