Why on earth is P-Groove so slept on?

I seem to recall a VDo using P-Geese pretty well in one match, but I havent seen enough of him to coment.

I really think there’s just so much commotion about RC’s and CC’s that people aren’t prepared to play with P. At least K has auto-supers every 3 secs. P groove DOES require patience, planning, and practice. I think people just see it as more effort than it’s worth.

Ranevski maybe ill see you at Playtime this week, i usually play k groove shotos, hibiki, cammy, sagat.

Jump in parries are good, but I’d limit them. Good players can really punish you for it. What I like to do is run a quick risk/reward ratio through my mind. Whether or not I have meter so I can punish the parried anti air, and whether or not the opponent has meter to punish me if they bait a parry or I just simply mistime it.

P groove does bad against A groove, and I’m trying to get a team that may counter it. P-Kyo, Maki, Cammy. Kyo and Cammy can try to DP on reaction, Maki can just KKK. Of course they can always combo into it, but you take away random activations.

P groove should be used if you have a solid ground game. Because then you get scarier with parries. Walking forward after you’ve conditioned your opponent to mash or block leads to good opportunities, be it with parry or throws.


Sakura won’t use her anti-air CC when she has full meter and you jump at her like you don’t care what happens. CC, close s.HP, dp+LP may be easy to parry, but even the scrub Sakura players know that they can do CC, dp+MP (which is hard to parry) or even better, CC, walk under you or stay in front, three frame d.LK (parry low) or three frame close s.HP (parry high), grind you down.

VDO is the best parrier I’ve ever played btw. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing, but that doesn’t matter anyway. Since whenever he can’t beat you by parrying or god forbid you get on his bad side (make a joke about black people, I dare you), he pulls the Wesley Snipes/Blade/Detroit arcade-style and threatens you with actual physical violence. :rofl:

Why all the hating kcxj :thumbs down:. I said from the outset that CC’s stil get around parrying. It doesn’t even matter so much what attack they use after they activate. The reason CC’s are so hard to get around (for me personally) is becuase I’m parrying jump in’s on prediction. Now yeh if someone jumps at me whilst I’m jumping in or early tiger uppercuts I’ll go for reaction, but mostly it’s on prediction. As soon as there character model get’s in the magic range, I option select parry. If they AA deep or don’t AA at all, my option selected hk or whatnot comes out and it’s a free jump in (or land throw, w/e).

The problem comes when instead of attacking they CC, cuasing the freeze, then they attack out of activation. I don’t parry it cuase the window for the parry I inputted closed, and instead I’ve got my hk stuck out. GGPO my Rock, he’s been hit by more than his fair share of AA Blanka CC’s already.

Who’s ranevski? i already know who the other guy is… and yes im in sydney now too… lol…

edit: best p-groove i’ve played is arcadekid… and that’s some scary shit.

Ran, KCXJ isn’t hating. He’s just saying that a person who has meter will do other things than try to AA CC you.

You seem to just base your game around parrying the antiairs… not good.

Seriously, RC mash chars, and A groove hold P groove back. In fact, without A groove, 90% of players won’t be able to beat good P groovers. P groove is just very character specific. If you use a big ass damage char (w/o Supers) or a fast stunning char, those jumping parry risks, are pretty fucking safe because its an equal trade off if they guess right on the parry.

from my experience, playing P-Groove totally destroys your game when you try to play other grooves.

It’s just a tough groove to play effectively. For every 1 good p-groove user mentioned in this thread, I can mention 2 good k-groove users, 3 good c-groove users and 4 good a-groove users.

this doesn’t work. you can’t empty jump and expect to tech every time. what if you land on their c.short or some shit.

AMEN- i tried to develop a solid P-groove team, and then i caught myself trying to parry stuff in A-groove, so i put a stop to that real quick.

in general, this thread is just a bunch of people talking about stuff they don’t know about. parry everything, OMG it’s the hotness and counters everything.

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I actually had that problem at first. If you’re doing that, then chances are you over-parry. I had to stop using P groove and switch back to C groove to get out of the habit of parrying jump ins and just sticking with anti airs.

Its really helped out my P groove well since I try to limit parries to when I can hurt them really badly or if I just need to.

P-Groove is maybe 3% parries. The only other things it’s got is low jump and tech recover. You gotta control the pace of the match, and once you lose control you’re going to have a hell of a time getting it back if the person you’re playing against knows what they’re doing.

Outside of you typing that just then, noone in this thread has made that claim. This thread has had fairly logical discussion about the likelihood of parrying different AA’s, how RC’s and CC’s can be used to counter parries easily, and has specifically been stated several times now that P groove is not all about parry. As for yourself trying to parry in A-Groove that’s your own bloody fault :P.

I’m finding it so intruguing how I can read something like this (which I totally agree with btw,) and yet other people will post stuff completly contradictry to it. I just don’t think enough people have played with or against P groove seriously. So many people seem to just trash it sayin ‘too few super, too low guard bar’ and then anyone who tries to make a logical defense for it get’s accussed of being a ‘omg parry teh super it rulzors’ scrub.

I have specifically stated several times now that parries aren’t to be used all the time, only when you think there’s a good chance of you being right. I find that the better known P-Groovers seem to use parry very liberally. They don’t TRY to parry everything, but they attempt to pary anything they can see coming, and they see a lot of shit coming.

I’m yet to run into you since you moved here. You talked to me via PM before you came over about attending Sydney University, and I told you about Ozhadou&Playtime, which I still haven’t had to time to go to enough. Turns out I got into University of Sydney, so I might see you on campus. You ever go to the arcade on campus btw? There’s no CvS2 machine there :tdown: but there’s 3S :tup:.

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because p groove sucks that is why its slept on

people only do good against it because no one knows how to fight against it since no one uses it because it sucks which is why its slept on

its pretty self explanatory if you think about it

Josh Wong would agree with me