Why onedumbgook should kill himself


man, ur traps are retarded. there is no such thing as a rock trap, or a ken trap. fucking c. fierce is more of a trap than ur dumb ass garbage strats. stfu.


Oh, we didn’t notice, thanks for the advice!


I thought maybe if there was a thread dedicated to his incompetence, he would stop posting these “trap” threads.


I don’t know I like his trap threads. I also like stapling sandpaper to the insides of my eyelids and grinding razor-sharp kinked rails in my bare feet


The thought had crossed my mind tyo kill myself. But I’m too sexy of a bastard to do so. And read the first paragraph, I said it really wasnt a trap. But reading that thread again would cause you tremendous pain so I won’t let you subject yourself to that.

Thank you for dedicating a thread on shoryuken.com to me. I consider it an honor to have you all recognize me. Why is it an honor? Because I can’t think of a better way to spend your time than flaming a guy who posts tips on an internet forum on a fighting-game dedicated website… god damn… that sounds pretty pathetic…

wtf do you guys do in your spare time? Eat dandruff? Have fun waiting for the next guy to post tips on a fighting game so that you can flame him. Don’t blink, you may miss youir opportunity!



Seriously reading your words only makes people stupider.
I never thought that reading would cause illiteracy, but I am having problehms compremahendiating stuhffs now.

Plz die. kthx.


pretty please.


Although I don’t like Dumbgooks “traps” either, the man raises an amazing point. Make fun of people in real life and get your face pounded in. Then come back here and make fun of people. THEN you have a right to flame. BTW he stole that eating dandruff line from the Chris Farley SNL skit Bennet Brower :cool:


Actually, unless you’re crazy, a person usually puts up with mere insults. It usually takes a shove or something similar to push most of my friends/people I know. Also, most of the people on SRK are pussies, so nothing would happen.


yeah i know about this…but do they rub their nuts and rub them over the machines like some1 i know…lol hmmmm?


:rolleyes: After reading some of the “traps” posted I thought I could understand them a little better if I stapled my eyelids to my forehead and squashed my head in a vice while singing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” but it didn’t help. And I just got a headache.

Truth is, all those “traps” are just :lame:. To be honest I would love to see a player not only avoid them, but hit you with a Demon Rage for your trouble, then do a little dance over your corpse. If that isn’t enough I would like to see Dan avoid your “traps” and own you. :stuck_out_tongue: