Why people hate/love Decapre


Anti-Decapre Arguments:

  • She’s a clone of Cammy, one of the most hated characters in the SF4 series. Cammy’s a cool character with a nice ass don’t get me wrong, but she’s associated with words like brain dead and overpowered in this series.
  • More than 50% of her animations were essentially copy/pasted from Cammy. (Normals, some special moves, block animations, appearance & stance.) In short, it’s obviously a lazy and money saving decision. Looks wise, Decapre could’ve been very easily a alternate costume.
  • There were a million other better candidates for the 5th.
  • She looks pretty damn busted in the final round build. (Obviously not a good enough reason because it’s still a incomplete version.)

Pro-Decapre Arguments:

  • She plays radically different. Her play style, especially since some of her moves are charged is pretty unique.
  • We’re not entitled to a good character so we should be thankful for any new character we get.
  • Now there’s another character to make me people buttmad with other than Cammy.
  • Recreating a character from scratch is expensive. Capcom is broke.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 General
  1. Decapre, there’s a thread for that.
  2. I’m willing to bet that the alternate colors will also feature different heads to represent the different dolls. (They might not, but it seems like an obvious choice.)


The reception wouldn’t even have been as bad if they just didn’t hype her up so much. When they revealed that a 5th character was going to be in the game, everyone got excited. People were thinking R.Mika or Retsu. It just sucks that months of Capcom saying that we would be excited with what we saw just came to nothing but a copy/paste Cammy clone. I get that they are doing bad money wise but why not just reveal her last year when the game was first announced? People wouldn’t have been as dissapointed if they did just that.


@ Frank: I saw it. It just has way too much clutter so I thought I’d make a separate thread that lists everyone’s arguments in a single post.


all she needs is a cape and that picture is perfect


She’s a charge character so she plays radically different. Now I’m gonna have to hold down back instead of just down when I do my bnb into cannon drill. F’n crazy! And when I wake up cannon spike, I’ll have to be holding down for a second before I swing my thumb forward. Radically different!

But she also has unique moves besides cammy normals and specials (cannon drill, dp, dive kick, spin knuckle) like ground pound (ONI), dash through (ibuki) teleport (bison, Seth) maximum cammy (bloody high claw) yoga catastrophe (dhalsim).

Hey, it costs half a million for every new character model. Thats why they recycled her. That’s also why every costume pack costs 30 million dollars to make! They don’t just make one or two models and tweak them, it’s a steal. That’s why you only see multi millionaires being modders!


She doesn’t have a grounded spiral arrow anymore btw. The build they showed at FR17 was old.


every dollar they spent on evil mugen phantom of the opera cammy is a dollar they could have spent on fixing existing bugs, adjusting animations to fit new hitboxes, fleshing out training mode, cleaning up the netcode, sponsoring events, making new stages / announcers / costumes, or restraining ono from trolling us


I don’t think Decapre is the worst that could have come about char wise but like the person above me, I’d like to see more work on the netcode, fixing bugs and so on.


Her ass is covered. That’s why people hate her.


Truth be told, I actually like more modestly dressed females than your typical fighting game fare. One of the reasons why Mak is my favorite, almost zero fan service bullshit, more ass kicking.

And now to watch the wave of “Disagrees” roll in.


Many hate her for predicable reasons
After the game get released many others (and some of the current haters) will like her for predicable reasons

Hate come from butthurts, the ones of “damn, i was hoping for xxxxx” and the ones of "fuck lazy Capcom"
Love from being a likely high tier flashy shit that kidz will find cool

Personally i don’t care, i was’nt excited with any of the options
At this point i was even hoping was the raccon just for the lulz

I’m just glad it is’nt Gouken’s daughter


I was secretly interested in decapre being the new character when everyone was theorizing. Seeing her in action has me pretty excited tbh. I’m stoked that I may have a secondary one day! :slight_smile:


That Pros/Cons list seems heavily weighted in the Anti-Decapre camp more so than some sort of objective analysis…


This should be in the “pro” section.


She looks like Cammy.
Ultra has DWU.
Let’s cry anyway.


I don’t know what you’re talking about Makoto has so much fanservice; some of THE sexiest ankles I’ve ever seen.


She also has shoulder exposure and you can see her bra/cleavage, well at least in 3s.

Not to mention, I recall jigglypuff asking for a bandage costume alt.


The way I imagine it being is not really fanservicy tho. More like a badass sort of thing. Thinking a Baiken from Guilty Gear sorta vibe.


I haven’t played a lot since SSF4 but i don’t remmeber people hating on Cammy back then . I understand that she is powerful in today’s version but when did she get really hated ?