Why people have different position while playing fighting sit or sit on floor?

why? i notice justin wong did sit on floor. some tournaments i went to some boys did on floor, not chair. … which position better with fightstick playing? this question is very interesting.

whichever is funniest. console is a fucking joke anyway. arcade for life

Whichever you get to practice with or use the most and feel most comforatable with is best and that is why people have different positions.

And at least consoles exist everywhere, and if you deny them the joke is on you.

Why do people play on the ground? It provides a more stable surface than their lap. You’ll often see some players play with their stick on another chair in front of them for the same reason.

In the end, it’s just preference. I can play perfectly fine sitting in a chair with the arcade stick in my lap.

Ideally you’d want to play on an arcade cabinet, but that’s way too expensive to buy and transport just for tournaments.

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Plus i have always played in a chair whilst sitting up i can never lay down or lean back or nothing, but then again i have never tried playing while sitting on the floor but i wouldn’t see the need, i mean a chair is comfortable then a floor lool BUT yes before you lot say anything its a persons preference so yh i understand fully :wgrin:

I play on the floor because of the increased stability of setting a joystick on a solid surface. The joystick is less likely to slide around during intense moments of joystick movement and button mashing than if it were in your lap.

Some players put their joystick on a coffee table, or on a chair of some sort. I don’t like this. You usually have to lean way over the table, and the table may wobble. No good imo.

Playing on the floor does hurt your back after a while though. You still have to lean over quite a bit to reach the joystick, especially if it is a small joystick like the TE or HRAP. God help you if you try to do it with an SE or EX stick.

A better solution is to find some solid heavy object that is between 8-12" tall and then set your joystick on top of that. I use an old computer case on it’s side. With this you will not have to lean over as much, and your arms will be at an angle much closer to an actual arcade machine. This is easier on both your back and your execution.

hmmm i understand where your coming from… nice one (Y)

It looks so uncomfortable to lean forward like that withy our legs extended

I play in my lap so no matter where I am I’ll always have the same surface to play on

I like to play sitting on the floor with my legs crossed, because it feels more freeing to me then sitting in a chair; the chair I have in my gaming area is one of those that is made from one solid piece of wood, so it is pretty unforgiving. I don’t think any way is “better” though, whatever is more comfortable to you is what you should be doing.

When I play at 8otb weekly tournaments I try to play in a chair because of the angel my arms go towards the stick. When I play sitting on the floor my hands reach for the stick/buttons at a weird angle for me (perhaps since I’m used to playing sitting) so I’m not a fan of floor.

I’ve seen people use non-slip mats when playing sitting down to keep the stick from shifting too much.

Fairly new to sticks I began practicing with it on my dining room chair as it was real sturdy and I needed to nail the executions in my drills. But when a bunch of people came over and the chairs were all taken up I had to play with it on my lap which felt totally foreign to me. So now I practice exclusively with it on my lap so at least I’m prepared for any eventuality.

Here is a quick questionnaire you might like to fill out!

Which legs position do you generally prefer: bent, curled, extended, or relaxed?
Do your legs cramp up easily?
Is your stick particularly big? Or small?
Is it particularly heavy? Or light?
What kind of feet do you have on the bottom of your stick?
What type of floor is it? What kind of texture is it?
Will the stick’s feet grip it?
Is your ass going to get sore on it?
What sort of other surfaces are available for the stick to rest upon?
Are you comfortable having the stick that close into your body when it’s on your lap?
What kind of downward angle do you prefer when you’re leaning over your stick?
How hard do you press directions on the joystick?
Does the stick slide around in your lap very much?
Is it a tall stick relative to the stiffness of the joystick spring or the weight of the whole stick or the width of the case?
Does it ever feel like it might tip over when you’re mashing out?
Are you used to holding the stick in place with the palm of your button hand at no loss of control?
Is the bottom of the stick comfortable when pressed against your legs?
Do you like sitting in chairs?
Do you like sitting on floors?

I’ll post the accompanying cross-reference answers index key and results interpretation charts later.

<------- floor sitter. I’ll even bring a beach towel along with me if there’s a chance the floor might be grimey. :wasted:

So couple reasons for the floor sitting position:

  1. Arm angle. I like to rest my left forearm against the upper part of my thigh, moving the stick mostly from the wrist. This supports the weight of my forearm and hand, which makes quick movements a little easier for me. Also, pianoing inputs on the buttons is much easier at this angle.

  2. Stability. Coming from a background with western arcade parts I have a habit of putting an excessive degree of oomph into my movements so naturally the stick isn’t going to stay still on my lap, ever, no matter how heavy it is.

Standing on one leg will make you an instant pro. It’s actually banned in tournament play, that’s why you don’t see anyone do it.

My friend kneels on the ground and tilts the stick downward so it slants upside down. He somehow manages to play when he goes into “Siege Tank Mode”.

ie: Whatever is more comfortable.

I’m a fan of doggystyle

Have unironically done this in casuals when there was no room.

I’ve played both and I prefer chair greatly to floor. Though it has nothing to do with stick placement, as the stick is in my lap in both cases*, for me, I just prefer a straight on viewing angle* to the screen, and being on the floor requires me to crane my neack more than I’d like to*

*what she said

I use smaller jap sticks on my lap and the bigger mas sticks on the ground. This is because of the springs on the stick itself and the force required to play quick enough without having the whole base move around on my lap.