Why people play this shitty game?


Sorry but i don’t get it, this game is so dry compared to others oldies like 3rd Strike or CvS2, even ST is so much better…

Please explain me.


sf community is really messed up, do you have like heavy problems in life or something?


I explain you. I explain you good.


they say it ain’t be like it is but it do


why 22 years old and still not understand language or how people have vary definition of fun??


Because why play a good game when you can play an easy game.


Why play games at all when you can just jump on a forum and waste time dumping on others?


does the wind move the clouds or do the clouds ride the wind?


A lot of trolls making threads today…


Please go away. :coffee:


no i think it’s a good question.


It’s a great question, but it’s a shitty rant thread. If he was making an actual argument instead of coming on here and raging because he can’t beat anyone online, then I’d be cool with it.


if you mean that SFIV is promoted at the expense of the older games, I agree. But people have to start from somewhere. Same happened with 3S and ST. CvS2 wasnt received that well either. SFIV may be the first and only game for a lot of people, leading them later perhaps to the older games.


cuz its easier to play than older sf games and any random scrubvirgin has a chance/hope.

like 4 years late with this question/trolling.


lol…obviously. :rofl:


I seriously must be the only dude that think SF4 > 3S.

Am I the only one that isn’t blind? 3S was an unbalanced mess.




I’m new to both sf4 and 3s, but I will judge for myself that 3s is better because of the announcer



I’m certain someone else’s definition of fun will eventually turn into the definition of fun for the OP and no one will ever dislike SF4 ever again.


cant wait till sf4 is 15 years old so i can act cool an shit cuz my old ass game is da bes

you hatin ass 3s bums. give the game some credit. it obviously has a bunch of good things going for it