Why play 3S?

Don’t flame me, I just want to know why 3s is so good? I don’t play 3s, having only casually played the game twice, so I don’t know what makes it so good compared to other fighters, like alpha 3 and mvc2, my favorites. Also, is 3s really that deep? I keep hearing about how deep 3s is, is it due to the the parry system, or is there a bunch of other stuff I am missing? Also, one thing that makes me hesitant to play 3s is a what I perceive as a lack of available combo options. I like that in in a game like a3 with vc’s there is almost a limitless number of combos that can be made. Also, mcv2 has tons of combos waiting to be discovered. It seems to me that 3s lacks in “combo creation,” please correct me if I am wrong though, I may be missing something obvious that allows combo flexibility (EX moves, supercancels, do they do much?)

Basically why should I play this game when I would be happy playing a3 and mvc2 for the years to come?

edit: Thanks for the all the good responses, very helpful hearing what the 3s fans have to say. As to the combo thing, it sucks having huge combos and all that make things broken, but on the flipside when things are more simple, there is less to discover with your favorite character (like new vc’s,etc.). As far as practice mode goes, it’s much more fun working on new stuff than grinding out your exection on combo’s you already know. As to what’s better for competitive play, I’m on the fence, each has it’s benefits.

A3 is my favourite game, and I acknowledge it’s stupid. CC’s, broken VC’s… sometimes having a limited combo system is a good thing. Either that, or use Yun.

Also, try actually playing the game before wondering.


people play the game because they like it.
i like it
so i play it
if you played it more you would probably understand

My favorite game is SFTMTG, so much flexibility and cancels, its almost ridiculous!

Cause it’s mad balanced.

There r lots of reasons folks play it, from both a visual and gameplay point of few. I suggest watching some match vids and playing the game on a competitve level to see for yourself. It might not be to your liking but IMO id say its Capcom’s best fighter ever. The game is fairly balanced (ignore last years evo), beautifully animated and overall just very solid. I kind of consider it to be the last great fighter from Capcom that took real effort and attention to make as oppose to the port-fest collections they r releasing today,

Combo’s you say?



Anyway,the game is damn deep.Just have to play it to understand.

The visuals,to parrying,negative edging,buffering,and a bunch of other shit.Yeah the game is really deep

People might prefer this game than other fighters, they want to win in something they are good at.

yeah if creating combos is that important to you, you probably shouldn’t play 3s

Which is why Ken, Yun and Chun typically win tourneys.

I’m not saying anything about the game’s quality, but the game is NOT balanced.

I’ll tell you why I don’t play 3rd Strike. I don’t know any good people that play that game. There are a few exception but most players are usually socially awkward or have severe issues.

There are some skilled players but that’s not what I’m talking about. To me if you can’t have a good time with the people you are playing then it’s not even worth it for me anymore.

People take the game too seriously sometimes. The last session I was in, a guy lost 8 straight rounds to two different players and refuse to let anyone else play. The guy running it is best friends with the 28 year old man acting like this and didn’t do anything about it. He either lacked the balls or didn’t care that there were other guest in the house.

I don’t have the time to organize a fight night, is a thankless fruitless job thanks the unwashed masses still playing the game. So yeah, I like to bitch but I don’t want to do anything about it, there are too many other/better scenes, games and things to do in the world than to be dealing with personalities to play an obscure game that it’s not even fun.

I will say that I been to other cities with a good scene and people that are having fun, well organized with cool people I would actually do things with that don’t involve a television set. I’m out.

play garou instead

i lol’d:rofl:

Besides that,I think that it is a little easier to jump into this game compared to some fighters such as MvC2 or Guilty Gear:XX.

That is IMO the skill level between a beginner to a good player is alot less ground to make up than somebody just jumping into a game like MvC2.

Even the skill level between a beginner to a decent player is alot more in Marvel vs Capcom 2 than in 3rd Strike.

Somebody just coming into Third Strike is alot more likely to make up the skill level difference and become a decent player, compared to somebody that has never played MvC2 going up against somebody that has been playing the game since it came out.

Both will lose to the experienced players,but at the end of the day the new guy playing Third Strike will have alot more to be happy about

Chances are the new guy playing MvC2 will be alot less happy

Just about as balanced as SF2 WW.

Must be some kind of connection among purple text, anime avatars, and completely missing the joke.

Anyway, this is the stupidest question in the world. Why play 3S? Why play anything? What’s so special about 3S? What’s so special about cookies? What’s so special about sex? What’s so special about dental floss?

Because its the most playable capcom game?
Alpha is amazingly boring and Marvel is stupid broken.
psst just play guilty gear.

Thread gets de-railed into another flame war about 3S’s balance in… 3… 2… 1…

The games pretty ST simplistic, thats why.