Why play fighting games?


No, this isn’t like the other threads. As a fighting game addict myself, I want to know, what is it that draws us to fighitng games? For me, it used to be the idea of throwing fireballs out, hence why SF2 was so strong an influence. I liked that idea, and it reminded me of stories of magic and wizards (which I still love to this day).


The feel of the fight without any pain involved?


I honestly don’t have the slightest clue why i love fighting games so much. It’s just that I do.


Because guys are naturally competitive and going toe to toe with someone is an excellent way to experience this.


I just do.

I have no idea why I was even drawn to SRK.

All I can remember is around June of last year,I got these massive urges to play fighting games again because I was tired of playing Sports games and Halo 2 all day.

I guess the draw for me,is that it feels alot more rewarding to accomplish something in a fighting game than any other game IMO.

Like Daigo at Evo2k4,vs Justin Wong.I live to witness moments like those.


competition! fighting games - competition = fail


How the fuck did I know this thread was going to be made?


the “Why play VF?” thread gave it away didn’t it?


im a skinny loser nerd who could never win a fight in real life


I actually wanted to play chess (No seriously).

An old friend of mine used to win chess tournaments all the time. While not being one for sports I was more interested in games of the mind.

I thought fighting games would translate into that, and considering I loved video games to boot I thought it would be perfect. Though I later realized fighting games were much more then mind games.


i quit all other forms of gaming once i finished school (there’s just no time for it), so this is all i’m left with for now


I liked fighting games for the art stlyes that come with each one originally(when I had CvS for the playstation), when I played Soul Caliber and VF I forgot about the art and played for the system and I went back to playstation CvS 1 (I still knew nothing about arcade perfect) and tried to learn the system. Growing up off MK and Super Street Fighter I wasnt aware that there was prittier games to play (I was sheltered, I know). It just grew from there I guess.


well i play because im a competitive person. to prove who is best
"two man enter, one man leave, two man enter, one man leave"


fighting games are like sports. that’s why


They’re competitive and pseudo-equal. What I mean by pseudo-equal is just about every character is given the same mechanics/tools to succeed, though they must be implemented different. Though there are tiers and stuff, the basic feel is still that the character you pick is a reflection of you. If you win, it’s because you kick ass. If you lose, you need to get better. In most cases, that’s the honest truth, and there’s no way around it. Though lots of other genres have you kicking more ass the better you get at the game, I feel fighters are the most sharp with it.
Oh, also, who doesn’t love fights?


i guess theyre a sport if you get tired climbing stairs


Because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…


i dont know theyre fun

and it was one of the few types of games where i was better than all my friends at so



I used to be really into FPS’s, RTS’s, and sports games. I combined the speed of FPS’s, the strategy of RTS’s, and the competitiveness of sports games and got fighting games.


The spirit of the contest, the cool visuals, the skill-based game play… hey, why not?