Why play VF?

Don’t flame me, I just want to know why VF is so good? I don’t play VF, having only casually played the game twice, so I don’t know what makes it so good compared to other fighters, like alpha 3 and mvc2, my favorites. Also, is VF really that deep? I keep hearing about how deep VF is, is it due to the the button layout, or is there a bunch of other stuff I am missing? Also, one thing that makes me hesitant to play VF is a what I perceive as a lack of available combo options. I like that in in a game like a3 with vc’s there is almost a limitless number of combos that can be made. Also, mcv2 has tons of combos waiting to be discovered. It seems to me that VF lacks in “combo creation,” please correct me if I am wrong though, I may be missing something obvious that allows combo flexibility (counters, stuns, do they do much?)

Basically why should I play this game when I would be happy playing a3 and mvc2 for the years to come?

You should play it because its Virtual. (minus the “L”)

parody thread lolz (>’.’)>

Cause it actually IS mad balanced.

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