Why post 97 fighters suck

Old school street fighter was never about 20+ hit combos or insane technical execution. The introduction of custom combos killed what made street fighter good in the first place. Yes Alpha 2 was broken, but at least everyone had 80%+ CCs and super combos to use. SFA2 still felt like a street fighter game.

Alpha 3 introduced crouch cancel infinities along with rounds starting will a full super bar. The game nerfed fireballs and DPs. The game became who is better at setting up and executing the inf. That’s the entire game of SFA3. Think of how many match vids you’ve seen on youtube where the japs cut out like 50 hits of a crouch cancel inf? Unlike MVC2 an inf means an instant round win. In Marvel most people go for resets, and an inf will only kill off one character (usually).

CVS2 became similiar to A3 but less broken. A player who can RC and CC (PTF, Shosho, etc) consistantly will almost always win over a player who is better at spacing, zoning, mindgames, footsies, etc. You have to be significantly better at the basics to have a chance at winning via N,C,K,P.

3S takes out pretty much all the qualities that made HF/CE fun.

I think Marvel is probably the only game that keeps a lot of old school tactics while being a totally different game. Yes execution matters, but it seems to be more of reflexes, thinking on your feet, blocking correctly, etc.

I think it’s a trend in fighting games in general. I mean look at Tekken 3 /TTT compared to Tekken DR / 6. I don’t know how jab, jab, jab, jab, wall!, string, is fun.

I can’t say much about VF or GG since I don’t really play those games.

I really wonder what the people who grew up in the 80s and early 90s think about competitive street fighter today compared to the Ce/HF/ST of their day.

They’re still playing ST.

Oh, and CvS2 is more comparable to A2 in a sense. And RC doesn’t win in this game. A-groove, itself, wins. High damaging custom combos that require hella execution. It’s NOT easy to win in CvS2. It’s quite deep.

Worst. Post. Ever.

If I have to read about one more mother fucker who is stuck in the stone age of fighting games bitching about those of us who have moved on, I’m cutting the first person I see playing ST…jesus christ, there are newer better SF’s to play get over it.

…you mean 3s?


My thoughts exactly.

There’s that unmistakable old school elitest smell. Stale and musty just how I remember it.

3S is a quality fighter thru and thru obviously, or…it wouldn’t be so widely accepted by the scene. Playing super turbo on a serious level these days…well that’s like using an abbicus in math class.

you’ve never seen jap kids use the abacus, i see.

guess-tapping forward or down into (d.mk xx Super) is obviously tons of fun for you, isn’t it?

I agree with this guy, in fact anything after ST sucks. I like to sit in my room wearing cross colours and listening to souls of mischief’s “from 93 to infinity” while playing ST and that’s how it should be.

Just, no…

This topic and all the posts so far need to die in a fire.

there are quality fighters out there post-ST;
vf, tekken series, gg, mvc2 still strong…etc.

it’s just that 3s dumbs down the whole aspect of footsies to “get out of a jail free” card (aka parrying). even teching out of throws can be option-selected. lawl.

they pop up every other day; kind of hard to stop a plague, n’est pas?

To thread starter- STFU and play Real Bout 2 & Garou MotW.

I agree; change is the worst thing ever.

brb beating rocks together for entertainment

Lol @ the mental midgets who think “newer = better” and can’t provide any justification for it.

Seeing as he said he said MvC2 is good this clearly isn’t about the age of the game, it’s about many fighting games losing touch with the concepts that led to deep fighting game strategy in the first place, which just so happens to be many newer games.

But yeah, there are still good games around…

I know a girl who’s 10 who no longer uses an abbicus (she imagines one instead) that’ll fucking own everyone here at math.

Fuck 3S


I’m going to say while something new doesn’t mean it’s automatically better, people need to get off of older game’s and player’s dicks.

You know, back in the day people used to work for free. We gave them free housing and free food, and sometimes we had relations with their women to bless their people with our superior white blood. Man those were the days. Paying people to work sucks; it clearly takes away the efficiency production cost.

Whatever happened to those good old days…:sad:

SFA2 had 16 characters - almost all of these characters could be used in high level play. Chun, Gief, Ken, Ryu, Rose, Akuma, Evil Ryu, Charlie, Sakura, Rolento, Sagat, Bison (Dic). Compare that to 3S, SFA3.

ST only had a handful of shit tier characters like T Hawk, Cammy, Fei Long. The rest of the cast was highly match up based.

I actually liked a post 1997 fighter - it was CFE.