Why? Really?

Why do we need these Ads everywhere that every single member can’t stand, you say put on adblockplus, a lot of people post from work, shit’s really annoying, shit doesn’t look good on the site. Why don’t premium members get anything aside from larger Av file size (not even viewable pixels), bigger PM box, and a private forum now? If the Ads are because people aren’t buying enough premium then it would be great to have some sort of reason to actually buy it again. I like supporting good sites, right now though, SRK’s just becoming fucking irritating, for a lot of people.

SRK staff, people are pissed, and they want answers.

Unless you are writing a check to cover the site costs each month, I dont think you are qualified to tell us what to put on the site. When premium had ad-free viewing and normal SRKers had non-intrusive google ads, no one clicked on them.

Whether you like it or not, ads are a part of everyday life now. When watching videos on youtube, ads on your DVR at home, or before a movie, because the regular person doesn’t like to be involved.

Please don’t be stupid in saying that we said to use AdBlock. That is the most insane thing I have heard in a long time.


While SRK is FREE. You have to understand that a website isn’t cheap to afford. Especially when Shoryuken is on a dedicated server. Also, if they exceed their bandwidth on their dedicated server. Wiz is forced to buy more space just for us to view the forum.

As he mentioned before. You go to a movie theater, you purchase a DVD and/or you’re going through Hulu/YouTube. You’re going to see ads at work no matter what. You’re going to see previews on DVDs, etc. The purpose of Premium isn’t just for gifts. Heck, Wiz doesn’t have to give anything in return. All he can do is keep the website up and running and say “Thank You” to those who are willing to donate towards the community.

There’s no reason for you to be checking SRK at work. You’re at work for a reason (unless you’re on break). Overall, this is Wiz website and he gotta do what he gotta do to keep the community up and running for us.

I don’t mean Shoryuken staff, I mean others defending the Ads. And I understand about people sporadically buying premium whenever they feel like it not being a reliable method of paying for things. But the Ads really started getting cranked out when premium benefits were very lackluster. Don’t you think that if they had some better perks that more people would buy more premium to the point of not having to use ads for costs? It just seems like there should and certainly could be some kind of middle ground in this.

Even if premium gave out mod powers…ads are not going anywhere.
Deal with it.

I know some message boards where buying premium gives you the right to have an avatar. We don’t have it bad here.

Of all the forums I go to this one has the most abnoxious ads. I can’t figure it.

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Does this imply that the new ads pay out regardless of whether people click them? If so then I understand where you’re coming from.

I wish we could have softer tactics. Let people know that costs are high. Hell, take the site down for a day to make people realize how dependent they are on it. Couple it with an announcement explaining that servers cost money and get them to join premium to help pay. I wouldn’t mind some PBS style action. Check out the donation button here:


Do huge, annoying flash banners of the sort that created the need for AdBlock+ and facilitated its use really increase the number of views your ads get? I find this doubtful at best. While I’m generally fine with allowing ads to load so long as they are unobtrusive plaintext, flash ads will remain eternally blocked from my browser.

I’d be down with an public radio (or tv) style donation drive for sure, or pay-what-you-want premium (minimum: what it is now).

That’s what he’s saying. We had plain text ads and no one clicked on them. No clicks, no revenue. I’m guessing the new ads pay out regardless(?). I’m guessing that’s why premium members still see them?

I get that that’s what he’s saying, but ads that are pay per view (rather than pay per click) aren’t going to generate any revenue either if there’s a mass movement to adblock them. Frankly, I don’t think people will tolerate looking at the sort of ads SRK supposedly has now any better than gif banners were tolerated in the late 90s after the option to block them was available.

Oh, we’re in complete agreement. I moderate over in Tech Talk which comprises some of the nerdiest people on the site. They took it as a challenge to disable the ads. Many of these same people would be happy to give to the site (myself included). Put up an announcement with real numbers explaining what it takes to run this site. This is how you appeal to my crowd. I can’t speak for the rest of the board.

I have no problem at all with banners as long as they don’t get on the edge of my sanity playing audio/video automatically over and over like some do from time to time. I assume SRK Staff can’t rule on which ad should or should not come up when a page loads unless it’s a direct sponsor, but isn’t there a way to get to this?

I mean, TV and radio stations have their rules on which ad they take or not. It would be fair to SRK (staff and members) if the staff could do the same.

Any user caught explaining or giving instructions on how to cicrumvent the ads on this site will be ejected.

People used to hang out, on the corner, singin’ “Don’t fence me in…”

I took it to heart, and got Adblocker… and now they don’t.

Ads are god’s way of telling you not to use IE.

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Hahaha. Owned.

Yeah, SRK isn’t that bad forum wise. Just a lot of the members are stupid. ;D
There are plenty of ways around ads too. But like Wiz said, discussing that will get you banned from the site.

Suck it up and deal with it.

Wiz - I renewed my Premium after reading the last post. Consider this a check since I’m not aware of anything that I gain from it. Thank you for the site.

I would buy premium if there were no add’s… it’s that simple.

Again, Wiz doesn’t need to give us anything in return for our gratitude towards the community. This topic should be close.