Why Sagat is the Emperor of ALL!




Excellent players you played online
Urban Dictionary aka Ask a Black Dude

Klaxbastard for president


The 1st fighting game boss is the Emperor of Emperors, the king of kings!


#1 Reason: Because he is played by kaxblastard.


He is a monster, a beast, a bully, a tyrant, a tank with a head.
Over 7 feet tall and always pissed off!
He used to pick up little grubby-ones by their faces.


They call him the king for a reason.


hail hail


do you get money for this shit?


I feel an indescribable mix of disgust, pity, and amusement.




he was working on the video, thats why

a video of epic proportions requires a logic quit!



The word is out , better treat me right…
Shoryuken is alot like this video; where I feel like I got a bunch of FAT kids telling me the way THEY want it.


Here is Norieaga’s version…
Prancing around like a little girl thinking he is bad.
He ain’t fat like the rest of us…



Read em and weep ladies.


I heard that hair loss could have psychological effects…but like this??


lol online. :rofl:


It still hasn’t sunk in for this guy that no one is taking this shit seriously and we’re all laughing our asses off at him.

in b4 giant image tag with Sagat cosplay


Which group are you in for Evo kax?

The smart bets are on kax for top 8 for sure. Number 2 Sagat in the world must be a shoe in.

m i rite?


I’ll be watching EVO with baited breath and will scream in ecstasy when the “Tiger Genocide” is unleashed on the FGC.


It’s funny, huh.
You fags seem to be my biggest fans though, you follow me everywhere.
Get off mah dick.