Why should Capcom make a Street Fighter 4? Most of you won't play the new people

Now, I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a new Street Fighter game with graphics that are equal if not better than Third Strike. But when I think about it, why should a Street Fighter 4 be created? Most of you will only play the ‘shoto-clones’ anyway (no offense to anyone who plays Ken, Ryu and Akuma).

In Trinidad, to this day, everybody only plays Ken and Akuma in either the arcades or consoles. And would you believe that in Alpha 3, a game with 33 characters and Capcom vs SNK 2, a game with a whooping 48, I’ve only seen Ryu, Ken and Akuma being played? I’ll be lucky if I see Chun Li or Sagat being played in CVS2.

I mean, when Street Fighter 3 came out, I for one was surpised that so many people continued to play only Ryu and Ken instead of trying out the new people. Yes, I missed Cammy but did I abandon the game? No, I merely tried out Ibuki and found out that she was quite decent. I’m probably the only person who plays Ibuki and my friend is the only one who plays Elena in SF3:Second Impact and Third Strike. And to be honest, I do not know what made Akuma so special that he was brought to the SF3 series over Cammy and Sagat.

If I was able to get over the fact that one of my favourite characters wasn’t in the game, why can’t the rest of you follow suit? Even in games like Capcom Fighting Evolution, a game that tried to be different, I didn’t think it was bad because characters like Ken were missing. No, I honestly thought that the game looked bad and that there was no replay value (once again, no offense to fans of the game).

Now, if Capcom were to surprise us with a SF4 preview where we learned that Alex would be the only character to return, once again we will see the threads saying that this game will suck because “X, Y and Z aren’t in the game and the characters look lame so I’m not playing it”.

I know that in America and Japan, people do not play only the shoto-clones in any fighting game, right? Because if they did,
IMHO, there really is no reason for Capcom to even bother making a new SF4 or a new fighting game if people are only going to pick the same people over, and over, and over. What do you guys think?

Not everybody plays the shotos :rolleyes:

in 3s i use ken, dudley, hugo, chun, and yun…so i’m willing to use new characyers…i have played a whole fucking lot of akumas online for some reason though, but they also sucked. and i’ve had my ass handed to me over and over by urien players…a good urien player will kill those shotos over and over…but whatever, people will play the new characters unless they just really don’t like them

He has a point though.
I say fuck shotos, walk your own way god damnit!

There’s also more to a new installment in a series than new characters.

When there’s a new SF game, the shotos will be played by mall scrubs, not the more competitive players unless they proved to be good. We’re tier whores, not shoto-scrubs.

I don’t know about that. With random tackles over live perhaps, but offline Urien has trouble against them. Especially Akuma.

I’m aware of that. What I have a problem with is that if a new Capcom game comes out, most people in Trinidad will play only the shoto-clones without even trying out the new people to see if they’re crap. I mean, if I had that sentiment, I would have never discovered how much fun it is to play Elena and Makoto. While I’m of the view that everyone has their favourites, to me, it is very sickening to fight someone who only plays the same characters in every game. How would you experience true gaming if your competition never changes?

you also live in a shitty country for a variety of competition, if that answers your question.

…actually, people still play shotos because it’s their safety net, of sorts. they feel uncomfortable learning new characters.

as for learning a new game…people usually start with the shotos and branch off from there…why do you think they’re still in sf? familiarity…

and yeah, move to a different country…lol.


edit: uh, in response to one post up

I agree but I think you’re preaching to the choir here.

I can’t count how many CvS2 teams I’ve played that had some sort of formation of the following characters:

M. Bison

Shotos are a breath of fresh air and welcomed whenever I play that game.

Still, I understand your point with making this topic. All I can say is beast those fools. Beast them with characters they don’t use, and use them well. Perhaps after some classy beatings, they’ll see the true potential of trying out other characters. I can’t count how many times I was beasted upon with a character I thought was complete crap/uselss and dedicated some time into them afterwards.

No offense? It’s 2005. If you still only play shotos, then wake the fuck up and explore this game for once!


You are quick to rapidly discount those who are actually good with Shotos.

Fuck random tackles, bait their asses then hit em with a 2 Aegis Unblockable. :badboy:

Gouki can teleport out of unblockables, but Super 2 does stun in one combo, and good lord if Urien can catch him with a tackle in the corner, there’s about 60% at the least, and possibly a free stun too.

Ken is good against Urien for the same reasons Akuma is, but you can catch him in unblockables, just don’t do stupid shit, and bait supers so that they waste Shippu and run into an Aegis. Against cross ups, look for poor timing and EX Aegis that shit, if they are near the corner or you have another bar, free unblockable.

Ryu is more of the same, he’ll pester you with c.mk, c.lk, s.mk and uppercut, just keep it simple and force him to come to you.

And of course, you don’t fucking jump against Urien, ever.

obvious troll.
ban plz.

I agree with gamespy 100%. Back when I played 3S in the arcades all I ever fought were the shoto clones 95% of the time. It got old pretty damn fast and I just stopped going cuz there was no point anymore. I played Alex, Hugo, Q, Elena, Dudley, Chun Li as my main characters. I’d use Ryu rarely when I felt like showing shoto scrubs how to really play a shoto.

Anyway, the game got boring since it me vs Ken all the time. I saw enough Ken mirror matches to make me puke. I know the people on these forums are alot more diverse in their character selection because they understand the game better. But when it comes down to your average gamer 99% of them will pick the shotos. They don’t wanna spend the time to learn someone else because playing the shotos is like playing streetfighter for dummies.

I got SFAC and 2 of my friend’s buddies played 3S for the first time. Guess who they both picked? If you said Ken you guessed right. The whole night it was Ken Ken Ken. People are such fucking tools I swear. Just another reason why the arcade scene is dead. Shoto-whoring makes the game become repetitve within the first day and then no one really cares to play no more because it is just more of the same. Then their is tier-whoring but that’s differnet discussion.

Edit: Those people I mentioned also think that 3S sucks compared to Tekken 5 because it ain’t 3d and because parrying is gay :rolleyes: . Wonder what it’s like to be a brainwashed fucktard.

its doesnt matter who you play, but if the gameplay for SF4 itself is good enough to be play unlike SVC Chaos here, then thats good enough to make a Street Fighter 4.:tup:

How good you are with them is irrelevant. If you only play shotos, you’ve missed out on so much of this game. It’s like getting a new Porsche and never taking it above 2nd gear. It also shows a personality trait of going with the masses and not thinking for yourself.

That last sentence sure doesn’t apply to games where the top-tier are NOT shotos.

But I’ll give you my own example.

When 3rd strike first came out in '99, I played Chun-Li and Makoto. I didn’t even like Ryu at the time, I thought they nerfed him pretty badly. Eventually, I gravitated back towards Ryu because it wound up being the style that I enjoyed playing the most.

My point is that lots of people play Shotos for a reason, as opposed to being comfortable with the moves and the such.