Why Should You Care About eSports?


Source: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2012/06/22/why-should-you-care-about-esports.aspx


Lol not this shit again.

I don’t care about eSports.

I rather fucking grind shit out in my games of choice and body everyone (if I can)
Talk shit and drink some beer while I’m at it.
I should be able to call my opponent a pussy w/o getting some gay ass yellow/red card.

plus 2 matches per hour with some doritos/mountain dew commercial in between isn’t fun for me.
Doritos and Mountain Dew aren’t even that great to begin with.


snort eSports


Finally. A discussion about something that matters.


I don’t even care about real sports.


me neither fuck sports they are boring as fuck.


When they start throwing out that Madden money for playing fighting games then we can afford to care. That being said, niggas need to put in more work on that sponsorship and start doing things that make sense instead of trying to be clever and get salt companies to rep them.


I spent a good deal of my life learning to accept the fact that I can play video games without having to feel like a dork over it. I’m not going to undo all that work by adopting the term “eSports”. I’d have to go find a locker to stuff myself into.


My problem with eSports isn’t the ridiculous moniker or the desperate attempt by videogame elites to justify their hobbies to everyone else. It’s the kinds of fans that eSports tends to attract that irritates me–socially inept, hygiene-challenged, bona-fide entitled jerks who seem content to shit on everyone else.

What’s odd is that I never really got this vibe back when I was going to fighting game tourneys and stuff maybe 5-10 years ago. At least not really. It’s just the recent rise of communities surrounding games like LoL or Starcraft 2 or any FPS ever that has this problem. Maybe I’m just too old for videogames or something.


The only changes I’ve noticed are more Capcom-sponsored events and more idiocy in FGD.


The real question is why should I care about this thread?


Why should I care about eSports? Because the BossFightTV guys are some of the coolest people I’ve ever met, and they genuinely care about their work.

I used to be one of those people that bitched and complained about the FGC turning into ESPN. Thanks to AntiPro and M Bisson, I’m the complete opposite these days.


That should be your clue.


I associate ‘eSports’ and ‘cyber athletes’ on same level as furries, bronies and juggalos


Video games allows us to do things through avatars, vicariously in a way. Watching “esports” or “faggotslang” (if you will) is double-vicarious bullshit.


How are the games inconsistent? The same people are placing highly every fucking time.


“Why should you care about eSports? Because they are so dang fun to watch.”

This is what is wrong with e-sports (well besides the name making me cringe), it’s a video game pick up your pad and play, even if you can’t make it to tournaments often, or at all, I still think there’s far more value in playing a game than watching others.

It’s not something you have to have trained your body for years to do, you don’t need to be the peak of physical fitness, and with the advent of not so terrible online, you don’t even need to be able to gather friends who are not only interested in the same genre but who are at a similar level or better than you to get some decent practice in or have some fun games on a regular basis.

Seriously I know I’m just ranting now, but what is so good about being a spectator rather than a player? (I don’t mean watching matchs is bad, it can help you check out the current stuff being used ect.[FONT=arial][SIZE=3], but just watching and not even playing the game I just don’t get.)[/FONT][/SIZE]


Good job game informer… using Diego umehuarez parry as an example of esports…


For this purpose, it’s actually a great clip, because it looks cool even if you have no idea what the fuck is going on.


It’s still not esports, hence it does not belong to this article.