Why Smash can only be saved with a reboot

Hear me out: I only post this here because the Smash Forum itself gets very little hits here. I’m only posting this here so everyone will see it.

Its 2:24 AM in a dark room as I type this, and it will more than likely be nearly 3PM by the time I can edit this.

Lets be honest here, what game has been more accessible the most in Smash? Melee. What game is the worst in this series? Brawl. Brawl is awful and the hacks show. Hell, I would be so far as to say Brawl is the worst competitive game out there period. It comes equipped with an easy mode character you only need to play for a few weeks before you start winning. That character is Meta Knight, and he is exactly why Brawl is the way it is.

Look at Brawl standings then go look at Melee standings. Where did you see any of the current winning stars from Melee at? Probably because they were not around when Melee was actually viable as a competitive game or they were losing to more skilled players. Fast forward. Its 2008. More players are topping than ever before, and most of them aren’t that great at Brawl.

My explanation: Brawl was flawed as a game, and its nearly to the point where its mostly the character you choose. Look at MK and his abuseable D-Smash. Its used more often than not than any other move from a scrub, and it shows. Scrubs can win with MK against mediocre players and your average joes easily with this move, along with tornado. There isn’t anyway to fix this without hacking the game.

How is this a problem? Many players who play MK want to win while playing Brawl, and they are more likely to win when playing him than anyone else in the game. Snake takes a little skill. Diddy takes a TON compared to everyone else. Wario takes practice. See where I am getting at? MK was broken from the start, yet no one could ban him because there wasn’t enough evidence.

Lets go back to Melee now, and look at its characters. Fox was the best and still is, but Marth may have surpassed him at this point. Fox is very rewarding, but it takes alot of skill to control him, something the programmers saw when desiging the game. In Brawl, no one from Nintendo gave a **** and instead flipped the birdie to all the people who were the very reason why Brawl exists today. Instead of rewarding a community for its efforts, it slaps them in the face.

So how does all of this require a reboot? Mainly Brawl’s roster size. The next instalment in Smash could be too big for itself and it could be further unbalanced than Brawl.

Its simple to reboot a franchise, the only problem is how to design it. Firstly, for a game like smash, put in all the people you wanted to in the first place, along with Sonic and Snake. As far as I can tell, these characters were to be included:
Captain Falcon
King Dedede

Pause there for a second. You see that? That is all Nintendo needs character wise to reboot a franchise. Every character can be made with different playstyles and techniques and on top of that, if Smash players actually contributed, a franchise reboot could have the best potential of any kind of party/fighter ever. Look at Smash 64. Sure its the middle child, but its also one of the best games on the N64.

With the list above and Snake, Sonic and another possible third party character, that gives us about 17 characters. Thats more than enough for a first game, especially a reboot.

So how do we design the game system? Simple, make it a middle speed. Brawl was very slow, and Melee was sometimes too fast. The Reboot can be a middle man in terms of speed, and hitstun would also be in, though how much would be in would have to be seen and tested.

Stages are also a simple matter. Go look at Smash 64, and adapt the majority of those stages for this game, but make them better. If FD is in, do not make it long, do not make it so that characters with horrible recoveries have to work for it and/or get gimped too easily by the stage.

What about chain grabbing? What about ATs? To be honest, ATs shouldn’t determine skill level, your playing should be. CG’s can go away for all I care and they can if the developers care enough.

My final thoughts are that this would really help smash as a whole, not just the competitive scene. Time will only tell if a studio is willing to be a rebel to Nintendo’s casual obsessed will though.

Smash can only be saved if the community wasn’t a bunch of people who will tear everyone asunder (including each other) on how it should really be played.

This too, but like I said before, anything is possible. They could go less items just to balance those out, like how Smash-Up did.

cool story bro

Posting your opinions on how to save smash to a board that largely doesn’t regard it as a game with much competitive merit doesn’t make much sense. You’d probably get more feedback somewhere with people that care.

Also, your writing sucks.

Anything is not possible. The Smash community accepting all items is not a possibility, what are you smoking?

This is a really touching thread and all but…

Smash was never fucking meant to be a competitive game in the first place.

Just play a different game if it bothers you that Brawl is the FRUIT OF THAT DESIGN APPROACH.

The majority of the Smash community is horrible though. Trying to talk to them is like talking to a brick wall.

Programmers saw nothing while creating Fox in Melee… Balance? That wasn’t important at all.
Smash was designed to be a Party Game, not competitive shit.

What’s next? Mario Party on a competitive level? :stuck_out_tongue:

why is this in fgd?

Should have stopped there. Nobody around here is very interested in saving Smash.

Riveting tale, chap.

P.S.: Smash is a VS Action game.

what the fucks the fucking matter with you?

next to no one gives a shit about your stupid ass party game around here

go talk about this shit on the smash brothers forum or in your blog or with your friends during recess

Way back in Melee’s early years, the community was divided on items. West Coast wanted them on. East Coast wanted them off. West Coast played with them for 2 years after the game came out and eventually decided that the games potential could not be met with items on. That is where the no item’s mentality comes from.

I like Brawl’s design approach. Its that Brawl overdid it without giving a shit.

There is actually a tier list for the most recent Mario Party game. Whether it is serious or not is debatable.

And I am trying to talk about the potential Smash has as a legit game. Melee was the closest it came.

This time of month, huh?

Subject’s been done to death already. You’d think people will give it a rest and not waste everyone’s time.

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Awesome! :smile:

ive said it before and Ill say it again…

This belongs in the party game forum…


There is no party game forum?


Jesus christ, What WONT you guys bitch at? And why do you guys come to SRK, which is mostly a street fighter forum, To bitch about smash? Why not go bitch at the source? SERIOUSLY, Why do you guys post here? I never understood. You dont see me going to gaia online and bitching about street fighter do you? I MEAN SERIOUSLY, WHY THE FUCK DO YOU GUYS POST THIS SHIT HERE? Im fucking dumbfounded by that.

I was hoping this would be about Tekken 6.