Why so much hate mail for sim?



Ever since I picked up sim I keep getting hate mail form opponents i’ve destroyed lol especially since I’ve gotten good with him lol, i’m playing ranked right now with my other PSN name : PainfulRains, and its like 3 out of 5 people sent hate mail.

I’ve also gotten a lot more rage quits from opponents who just can’t get in due to my zoning. lol

Anyone experiencing the same?


ha ha take that as a good sign i havent had any people send me abusive messages yet about my sim i guess im not good enough yet ha ha being put in the corner destroys me usually i cant deal with it.


People just hate Dhalsim.

The other day I played against some G2-A/B(can’t remember) Ryu. I gave him trouble early on. Towered a couple of Hadoukens and started stuffing his jump-ins with j.mp…

So he started getting all aggro, which I don’t yet know how to handle well, and throwing me and taunting. He taunted, like, 10 times. Then afterwards, he sent me the following message:


If he were there in real life I would have made an attempt to kill him. Like, seriously, strangle all life out his lungs. No joke. The world’s probably alot better off without people who are the way he is. I was/am fucking furious. You can just tell the type of person this guy is. He deserves not to live.


he’s a G1 Sim… no wonder.


I played somewhere along 20 player matches against a pretty good Ryu, and I learnt alot about zoning Ryus, had a great time, so I thought he did aswell. So I friend requested him and all that, hoping we could play more later, only to get 4 fucking essay long hatemails from him. Shit was hilarious, I can’t remeber everything he wrote, but he asked me if I played Sim only to annoy people, in which I replied: “Yes, and it clearly works”. He got so mad.


I actually rarely get any hatemails:o

If I get any at all, it’s probably because I lost my calm and started telporting all over the place just in pure desperation… If I win in those moments, I diserve to get a hatemail or two:P

But yea… some times ppl don’t bother sending hatemail, but if you send them a friend request they might snapp at you, if they really got zoned out:)


Because playing against Slim is annoying for the opponent. If your doing what your suppose to do, the other player will be very annoyed!


oh wow i cant wait to get my first hatemail playing as sim then!
my other main is abel so i guess i could probly switch and beat them as an ‘in your face’ character after that which would make it twice as satisfying…


I play on PC, and I normally don’t see mail other than gg’s. Today I got two pretty hateful mails in the span of a few minutes. One was just normal insults for playing defensively.

The other was someone who thought I was cheating because my teleport should of “had a delay” before I could attack. I tried to explain how the yoga teleport and the instant air teleport differ but he simply did not believe me lol.


i just love it when the zangeif players sent hate mail saying to fight like a man lol.

I remember this one ranked match where it was a close game which i lost due it being my first match for the day, The guy messages me ‘Yoga Fail’, i see him 2 matches later and dominated him so i message him ‘Yoga win’ he got so mad he sent another hate message can’t remember what he said though lol.


In my opinion a good sim is tougher than a good seth. The reason people probably send hate mail is a few things.

A. People have no idea how to play him, and just assume its impossible instead of learning the match.
B. There arent a ton of sim players on line, so opportunity to practice against sim is few and far between. Hence they feel sim matches are auto lose. Thus get frustrated. If they really want to learn they need to come here and prearrange some player matches to get better and learn from sim players.

I play Dan, who has a semi tough time vs sim, I think people lose patience in waiting for their opening, and then get owned trying fruitlessly to rush him down.

I find its best to play with defense in mind constantly not offense. wait for your opportunity, close distance but nothing risky ride block. eventually you will find an opportunity to exploit. I think people get too frustrated and attack attack attack and get whomped for it.

I had some good matches going in champ yesterday vs a solid sim (fabri or something his name was) he won 2 I won 1. 3rd match round 2, he ultrad i jump back and my stick broke :slight_smile: i just stood there and ate the ever so slow ultra, haha.

Solid Sim matches are a big challenge I enjoy them. People take it too seriously and dont bother to learn why they lost and adjust therefore send hate mail.

people that send messages like “quit running” “fight like a man” etc.etc. obviously have no concept of the game. if Sim “fought like a man” he would get obliterated, especially by fricken gief. Dan is very suitable for a hit and run style game, since he is very gimmicky so I get “quit running” messages every now and again. Its usually against characters that would dominate me in close, since dans footsie game is nil, like rog, gief etc (any one with command throws or particularly speedy normals, I dont stay close for long).


Haven’t played a lot of Dans online. Only played one really good one so far. but what you said is so true, as soon as you get frustrated its game over lol.

Sometimes I wonder why when fighting an opponent they will walk right into like 5 stretching HP in a row from sim, is it like a reflex action to release block and walk towards opponent after a blocked hit?

also why would someone get the knee anti-air like 5 times in a row and then jump right back in? its amazing sometimes, I really think half of street fighter 4 player can’t start an attack without jumping in. I sometimes challange myself to try and beat mediocre players with only anti-air.

Haven’t played for like 2 weeks now, must be really rusty


imo dhalsim’s style is pure turtle and people hate that A LOT when you play vs better oponnent who plays offensively you say np he’s just better but when you play versus better guy who plays pure defense and you can’t break trough it gives you a feeling of helplessness and guilt because you’re the one who has all of his moves predicted and the other one was just waiting for them


I think it’s because Dhalsim can so easily stonewall his opponents when played correctly. You can actually see when players get disheartened trying to get in when they start throwing out random moves to try ANYTHING to get past your zone games.

That’s when you win the round and bust out a Yoga Tower to really twist their brains. Or maybe I’m just an arsehole.


if you play sagat or any other char. correctly he wil own sim


Seriously sometime playing with sim is so frustrating.

You lead the whole round and one mistake and u lost the match…


You know what he means. Fighting a good Sim and getting zoned is frustrating and a good Dhal can do that



so who are you to say he does not deserve to live? You lost to his mind games and that’s what it all is . . . mind games. I play Gief . . . against Sim is one of THE worst match-ups there is. Do i get pissy and start saying i’d kill him if he were here? Come on man . . . don’t let these fool get to ya. You should prolly figured out his playstyle and should be able to counter his attacks the next time you meet. Don’t let people like that make u hate. :looney:

It’s hard enough playing Gief vs Sim/Seth. I don’t know why people call it Zoning when they are doing nothing but spam FBs and HP/HK j.HP. Wow . . . no skills there. I play Sim sometimes I am trying to practice with him and its hard playing him no doubt. I can do the same stuff and it seems boring to me. But hey that’s all he’s got right? I guess you should watch more vids on Sim . . . i’ve seen hella good SIMS who doesn’t spam so hmmm . . .

All in all . . . i think sim would get hated on a lot cuz of his play style. So yeah just don’t let it get to you guys. Just play and move on . . let them get angry and all pissy . . . once you got a good sim it’s hard to beat him. . . specially with my main Gief.


I am biased towards Sim but since we are in the Sim forums I’ll go ahead and throw in my opinion on this matter. When playing another human opponent, so much of street fighter is about mind games. I don’t believe any character can mess with the opponent’s head more than Sim. Sim does not have powerful combos, he has very little health, and he is not considered “top tier”. He is a very good character, and I’m not implying that the Street Fighter community thinks that he is weak. I’m simply stating that If Sim is to win his matches, he needs to outplay his opponent. He does not have anything to compensate for his mistakes. Sim does not have to be played in a turtle-like fashion. He simply has to prevent the other character from really getting into his game plan. He can keep his opponent guessing and locked down by being both offensive and defensive. With Sim it really comes down to predicting what the opponent will do next and then preventing it before it becomes a problem. It’s hard for people to accept defeat at the hand’s of a Sim player. No one wants to admit that they were “outsmarted” or “out strategized” (This is why it’s so hard for me to lose in a game of chess lol).


If people can zone you that easily as Dhal you have a problem. Dhal v. Gief is a 5-5 matchup