Why So Serious? - The Joker Thread - We Hit Because We Care!

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Crowbars, Canisters and Chattering Teeth; Discuss…


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There’s already a Joker thread. The Joker: party thread

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Working with Joker’s Character Power. Theoretically, it could be used as a mix-up for throws. Opponent pokes, you parry, increase speed. They jump, d2 (Joker’s got insane d2 range). They block or hesitate, you throw. Not sure if the increase in speed only applies to walking or if throw speed is increased as well, which would make teching a throw more strict.

You can b3 into Super, though you must execute the super on the opponent’s downward arc for it to hit. Adds 3% more damage, but is a guaranteed way to connect super.

Great mix-ups involving sweep and crowbar special. The range on Joker’s sweep is Crazy, as is Crowbar. Add Chattering teeth to this on wake-up and Joker’s Oki game becomes daunting.

Sadly, Joker’s trait is good for little more than parrying, and even then one must know every hit in the game to be able to use it effectively at any moment. There are many attacks that look like they hit low when they are mids. Add to this the inability to parry projectiles and it’s usefulness is lessened considerably, which is ridiculous seeing as Aquaman’s Water Shield negates projectiles AND physical attacks.
The meter should only drain once all 3 HA’s are filled up, since it is extremely unlikely any high-level players would allow him to stack all 3 HAs. OR drain very slow until all 3 HAs are stacked and then drain at the current speed.