Why so SERIOUS?!

Hey guys, I saw Dark Knight last Wednesday and really liked it, so I decided to do some Joker drawings, seeing as I’m on vacation and all.

When I drew these, I was too lazy to do research into what Heath Ledger looked like, etc. They’re just quick drawings, for fun.


First one, bit too cartoony:


Second one, didn’t quite get the expression right, but whatever:


Third one, I kinda like this:


Fourth one, I screwed up the legs, he was off-balance, so I cut them off. Pose might be a little too symmetrical too:


These are awesome.

The first and last ones are my favs. Though the third one is also brilliant. The hunched over posture really gave the joker some real character. Like he was a very uncomfortable guy inside and out. Rather than him just being played “Oh, I’m funny and crazy”

You’ve really captured that quirky uncomfortable presence in these pics.

I was inspired give drawing the joker a shot after seeing the film but haven’t gotten round to it yet.

all of the expressions look badass. i love the third image the most. some of the images are obviously referenced(unless i’m wrong) but you created your own version of the joker. good stuff!

third one is my favorite. doesn’t look like heath ledger but an older joker. really cool

Third one captured the quote the best. My fav of all 4.

I didn’t look at pictures while drawing them, but I definitely had scenes from the movie my head, so I guess you could say they are referenced.

I’m glad you guys like them.

Really liking the third one. I love the shadow / light play in that one.
the fourth one isn’t bad either.

2nd one looks like Bill Murray :slight_smile:

Ha! You’re right! I like Bill Murray though, and I’ve drawn him before. Must be a subconscious thing.

Anyway, I was bored on the train yesterday, so I made another one. Could have been a bit darker now that I look at it again:


Figured I’d do a quick Two-Face, while I’m at it:


Enough portraits, I wanted to get the magic trick in there too. Man, I haven’t had this much fun drawing stuff from movies since I was like, 13 or something.


Very talented!

You freaked it on the twoface, uncle jesse would be proud :woot::woot:
u are really a natural talent.

i wasn’t feeling this thread at first. But the last 4 are awesome!

Very nice.

PRESTO!!! It’s disappered!

Awesome joker. I like the 4th pic of the joker in the your first post. It portrays that joker showmanship very well. No offense but the face of your last joker reminds me of Whoopi Goldberg lol.

In Soviet Russia, thread feels you!

First Bill Murray, now Whoopi. I just keep channeling those celebrities. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys.


I did not know that. That’s chaos theory for ya, I guess.:rofl:

Thank you.

Dude! Even I saw it! In its second week in Holland! You know how long it takes for foreign movies to make their way over there?

What I find funny about you mentioning Bill Murray, is that he was approached to play Batman but instead they chose Michael Keaton.

And awesome pictures man! Still need to see the movie! D:

great style. it reminds me of those special features on dvd where they show conception art of certain scenes compared to what became the actual footage

Thanks! Well, I’m already working in the field, so maybe that’s why. (Not a concept artist though)

Conception art” is a pretty funny term btw. Makes me think of something else entirely. :rofl:

Too bad I’m not a background guy, 'cause this could use one:


Oh, and if you think Batman looks kind of half-assed, that’s because he is. He wasn’t really important in the movie anyway. It’s all about the Joker!

More!!! Good stuff…