Why so SERIOUS?!

Awesome! Now colour! Colour! Colour!!! :woot: :wgrin:

Yeah, just haven’t found the time to get to the movies lately.


just olaying around…wanted to see some idea of what your style would look like colored.

ha ha you bad man

me? if so what did i do?

ha not you. read upwards ^ “conception art”

Hey Rabid Wombat, cool stuff! I like what you did with the characters. The background really adds some nice texture to the color on them, especially the kind of purplish tones on the girl’s green dress.

The only things I’d say are that the (I assume) custom brush is kind of contrasting the intended sketchyness of it. Maybe something smaller and even a little blurred would look a little bit nicer.
I’m not a big fan of bright colors myself, but I like how they direct the attention to what’s important.
Maybe Batman’s face could be a little less saturated, to match the rest of his color a little bit more.
I kinda like how the Joker’s shoes blend into the background color, but maybe the girl’s could have some color of their own, making them stand out a little bit, because she’s more in the foreground.

Of course that’s easy to say for a guy who’s pretty bad at doing color.
Nicely done! :tup:

Thanks everyone else.