Why so unorganized?



Hey guys,
i’ve playing Abel quite a while now and reading the forums while i do so. I’ve already played several other characters in the game and it seems to me the Abel part is one of the most not organized ones.

Videos are seldomly uploaded, the matchup thread is lacking several stuff on the front page. The list goes on.

I know several players here have the knowledge and would share it best if we either started new, more organized threads or if we helped the authors of the current ones to organize the stuff better.

What do you think ?


I have to disagree. Abel forum is one of the best imo. New matchup thread is a work-in-progress, there’s still a lot of stuff to learn. All the stickies are informative. In fact, until the new matchup thread is completed, you could say that the stickies have all the information you need. Dustlooper’s working on a pretty thorough outline of Abel’s moveset and properties and we have an excellent FAQ thread. Most of the posts here are nuggets of knowledge. Once in a while you’ll get the annoying feed-me’s (I don’t like it either) that seem as though they’ve completely ignored everything we have here.

I don’t know what you’re expecting TBH. It’s not like every other forum moves at a lightning fast pace. At least in this one you don’t get people asking the same questions every day. You can’t cover every single specific thing. inb4.


Nice to hear your opinion. I’m used to Akuma’s forum which is pretty damn easy to find new info.

The matchup thread for me is the most confusing.


I think… Thanks for contributing.


I thought the same thing. That’s why I started my own thread and am trying to add on it at least weekly.


Its not about thinking, its about doing.

No one is stopping anyone from making a new, better threads, most people think its easy to maintain a thread and only know to complain etc… ask yourself what have YOU done yourself?

This kind of stuff requires time and dedication, and most people who live normal lives, have other priorities.

If you think youre up for it, go on. Just dont come here and straight up complaining and shit like you deserve something from people here.


Let’s be honest if some random started their own match-up thread it all it would take is one mistake for it to be completely discredited.


I’m sorry I’ve been slacking on the match-up thread. I’ve been really busy lately.

That being said… I don’t see how adding more threads is the answer. Also, I’ll take strong info any day of the week, as opposed to shoddy info that’s organized better. You may be able to point to other character forums that are organized better, but I strongly doubt you can point one out with better information.

Also, I fail to see how the video thread lacking updates is an organization issue. Niggas just don’t link matches too much. That’s just laziness… not disorganization.


^^^Quoted for truth. :slight_smile:


I’ve come to learn that it’s not that it it unorganized. The fact is that each forum creates titles for threads like

‘The image of death’ for videos and that kind of stuff and sometimes it can get confusing to understand each forum as they have all kinds of memes for you to get it.

As of now i know that there are 2 or 3 threads for matchups and i can find the infos there.
I didn’t mean to offend anyone and now i kinda get how the abel forum works. >D