Why Spidey Why!



So I have been working on spidey about a month know and I’m totally having trouble getting in with him and who besides doom to back him up with. If any anybody at all can help please post. It would be greatly appreciated. Plus If someone could spare sometime to play a couple matches that would be cool. I play on Xbox.


Spidey has a harder time getting in without a neutral assist compared to other rushdown characters which is why he needs a team built around him. Missiles assist with Doom is better used off as a combo extender than a neutral assist. His plasma beam is a decent neutral but it scales damage really hard and you’d miss out on missiles. Ideally you should pick a horizontal space controlling assist like beams, arrows or drones but you can also make use of others like black hole, jam session, etc. depending on your playstyle.


Yay I was using arrows but it seemed like it wasn’t helping too much. I do play a mean hawkeye but I don’t always wanna fall back on him. I really do want a strong spidey


I actually run Spidey/Hawk/Doom, I don’t like to play rushdown too much though. I just pick my spots.


Make sense he other team i’m working on is Spidey/ Mag/ Doom I like the Doom and Mag synergy and Em is awesome as an assist. You wouldn’t be able to play at all would you.


Haha, I’m playing from Aussie and PS3 so I guess not.

Here’s an old post of mine. You might get some ideas when you play with Hawk and Doom. It’s quite dated though, tech-wise and strategy-wise.

You can also check my sig for some combos and tech. I made Spidey’s fake TAC reset which is ideal for second chars with flight or heavy TAC damage dealers.


Thanx Dude I think this will totally help.


All good. Have fun!


I just picked up Spidey a month or so ago too, and after the advice I was given here settled on Mag(a)/Doom(b) as well.

I havent gotten any live action with this team yet, just lab time, so Im real interested in knowing weather or not Spidey can effectively confirm off disruptor in live matches.

There are a few combos I got down with it, but its difficult to impossible to tg extend with disruptor (in conjunction with webzip otg). Im hoping the trade off of getting more snipe/confirms off disruptor outweights this (which i speculate will be the case).