Why Superior Limb Based Combat is the future in fighting games


Take a good look at that video. That right there shows the superiority of limb based combat for fighters. Allow me to explain:

The limb based control scheme is exceedingly simple. You want to throw a right punch? Hit right punch. Left kick? Hit left kick. The usage of limb based buttons is so simple, yet it can allow for so much complexity. This is perfect for fighters of the future, it allows for simple controls with maximized depth and strategy. Take a more archaic fighter such as SF2. A solid game, yes. But antiquated controls. For instance, what if I want to use my right fist to jab instead of my left? I can’t, as the game has determined Ryu can only jab with his left fist. This limits freedom and limits combo possibilities as well as strategies. What if I am in a situation where I need to use a left jab? In SF2, I’d be unable to extricate myself from such a predicament. If the game had the Superior Limb Based System of Combat, I’d have the freedom to try a different strategy with a different limb.

This system makes the most sense. For instance, one issue fighters tend to have is the throw button. Some choose to have a separate button for throws, others choose to use two buttons(medium punch and kick for example), or simply hold forward and tap an attack to throw. The limb based system is the simplest yet makes the most sense. You simply press left punch/left kick or right punch/right kick. This makes perfect sense as these commands do not overlap with anything else(after all, if your character tried to punch and kick with both limbs on the same side of the body at once, they’d fall over), produce a whiff animation(which adds depth to the gameplay and can create new strategies), eliminates the accidental throws of one button attack throws, and eliminates the need to devote an entire separate button solely to throws.

Another aspect of this ingenious system that makes it invaluable to fighters, is the sheer intuitiveness of it. It just makes perfect sense to use your limbs in combat, it’s how we all fight after all. You can never forget a move under such a system, as it just comes to you naturally. Another aspect of this system is that it allows for more moves per character than other systems do. In Tekken each character has well over 100 separate moves, while other 3d fighters lack that aspect. VF tries to have a lot but has to use complex inputs to achieve this aim, making the combat unnecessarily difficult and obtuse. DOA does the opposite and gives braindead combos such as PPPPPPPPPPPKKK, making for mindlessly shallow gameplay.

That is precisely why the Superior Limb Based System of Combat is THE control scheme for the fighter of the future, and will be adopted soon enough when developers realize the sheer genius of it.

[LEFT]I can actually relate to the control scheme of Street Fighter pretty well already since I have three arms and three legs of varying lengths and girths.[/LEFT]

You should see my buddy, though: two of his limbs have friends attached to the ends of them!

But what if I want a strong attack?

Or a horizontal attack?

Or a low attack?

And this thread has been done a billion times already.

Easy, figure it out yourself. That’s the beauty of discovery in fighters.

“Take a more archaic fighter such as SF2. A solid game, yes. But antiquated controls. For instance, what if I want to use my right fist to jab instead of my left? I can’t, as the game has determined Ryu can only jab with his left fist.”

No. In short instead of this back and forth nonsense you’ve created. Ryu’s weak and medium punches and kicks are based off the same control scheme with the fierce relative to one of the styles appropriate strong moves indiscriminate of the power hand.

I doubt this is a serious post, I’ve seen similar posts crop up a lot recently on the net. The fact that this is the users first thread and posts is also pretty telling.

inb4 “Limb Based Combat is not truly superior until somebody make a game with headbutt button”

I still gave it a serious answer for anyone who sought to follow this train of thought. (lol)

it doesn’t create more strategies, Pressing LP in tekken will give you different animation but it’s still the same move, it’s just aesthetics.

you mean like SF3/4??? The only SF game im aware of that has a 2P or 2K throw is A3 (also has wiff animation)

great, too bad only a handful of them are used. having limb based combat has nothing to do with the amount of moves you can create.

edit: you guys are probably right , I dont think hes serious about it, doesn’t seem like he thought it through.

Also I think “Superior Limb Based Combat” must have Headbutt and Pelvis strike to unleash its full potential.

Saying phrases like “it allows for simple controls with maximized depth and strategy” and “[Street Fighter’s control scheme] limits freedom and limits combo possibilities as well as strategies” is no substitute for an actual argument. What each button does is arbitrarily decided by the designers; limb based controls doesn’t automatically make the game better.

Something smells fishy…

He does this shit once a month, why are you people still responding to these threads!!?

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This is the best kind of thread on /v/.

I hope no one is actually taking this seriously

he even capitalized Superior Limb Based Combat

There is no button for the head, do these developers not know how much it is needed?

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What the… who exactly falls over when he does a left jab and a left kick at the same time?