Why taunt online?

Honestly this has been bugging me about ALL online games ive played. Why bother taunting? Seriously it is so aggravating. Does it make people mad? You bet it does. But don’t start questioning why people pull the plug if you’re gonna be a douche about a game. ESPECIALLY if you’re using top tiers and I’m using Hakan and you BARELY Slip by with a pixel left. No you deserve no taunt. If anything i should be laughing at how you almost lost to a lower tier character.

Would you tell someone at an arcade “Hey fuck you scrub!” after you beat them despite you not knowing them? Of course not. They never said a word to you before. And in real life you never know who could is a serial killer.

So why taunt in this game? Online is for fun, so keep it that way and stop acting like you’re good. And yeah i really should take my own advice and just not take it seriously, but if you’re gonna give me the virtual version of a middle finger to my face, Im gonna rage mainly because there’s nothing i can do through a TV screen. Someone explain to this noob that is me, why do people feel the need to taunt?

Taunting should be disabled online as i can guarantee you THAT Is the biggest cause of rage quits. I know this for a fact because the more i taunt and win the more people rage quit on me. This is one reason i try to stick to endless games.

Yeah i know some people taunt in good fun, but online thats not possible if neither of you have mics.

I never rage quit, but i am very tempted to these days with the BS taunting going on. Other than “calming down” and “Stop playing” (which i already do), what advice can you give me? Restrict myself to those with less skill than me when i have a bad day? Also what is everyone’s opinions on taunting online? Im wondering if im the only one who feels this way.

because he’s protected by a tv screen, if you get taunted just laugh. It’s all for fun.

My cholesterol is extremely high believe me

Haha that was in response to your original sodium remark, i know im salty :wink:

Wait are you talking about mic taunting or like character taunting?

I character taunt all the time win or loose mainly because I think its just funny when the I am like 1 pixel from dieing and i do a taunt and loose.

The worst I have ever got was some hate mail about how cheap I am but i just put them on my ignore list.

Presumably to… taunt you?

Character taunts. Like if someone is nice about it, they taunt me with character and on mic say “Hahah gg dude” and kills me. Thats fine no problem. But without a mic i feel like they’re just saying “YOU SUCK BITCH MUAHAH!” And usually thats the type of message that follows in my inbox. I may be wrongly associating them taunting with them cursing me out about how i suck because of this however. The ones who tend to taunt me are those who either abuse lag and win because they SRK through my failed strings (I am a noob), or those who just flat out dominate me. Ive had only ONE nice person who dominated, taunted, and sent a message saying “GG but heres what you can do to get better!” and i took that fine.

Then I must be a asshole lol. Because if I win I don’t taunt I will pound you into the ground while you are down (in Blazblue)

Or in SSF4 I will just chip and weak attack you to death (doesn’t usually work because I SUCK)

oh btw when I say i suck I’m not putting myself down but I just got SSF4 like 2 months ago and ya lol

yep. I hate taunting and flowchartness and scrubby players that I can’t beat because I decide to use Hakan, but its online man. all I can say is have as much fun as you can. And when you see that they taunt, beat there ass just like this: [media=youtube]JsgRnBazeSY[/media]

That’ll get them salty lol

lol Scumbag is such a douche

imo ragequit is better than the real win

'cause not only did you win the match
you absolutely raped the mental battle

It doesn’t bother me, honestly. I really enjoy seeing the opponent taunt when I’m losing, only to return the favor when the battle shifts in my favor, tho. Sometimes I don’t get a chance to shift the battle, but it’s not a big deal.

Don’t let it bother you too much. Just ignore it.

Bahahahaha…he threw his stick because he lost…and he talks smack. Man sounds like a couple people in Blazblue I played before.

OT:I don’t see taunting as a slap to the face. Unlike this video where taunting is like a taboo or something I gess I just don’t understand :slight_smile:

I use taunt as my standard reply to random full-screen ultras.

Pull yourself together, friend. Taunts are used for a variety of equally varying reasons. If I slip through something I know I should have gotten hit by, I’ll taunt sometimes. But it’s much more rewarding to capitalize on the surprised look on my opponent’s face by using that shock at the fact that I slipped through it to mount an offense.

Off-Topic: Is your name Richie by any chance? That screen name is awfully familiar. Reside in Nor Cal?

What arcades are YOU going to? Every arcade I’ve ever known has their fighting game regulars trash-talking in jest. Even to newcomers. Often the whole place will erupt with a healthy “Nigga noooooooo…” after punishing a jump-in attempt. It’s just a game. And trash-talk is part of fighting game culture, believe it or nay.

Serial killers? Hah. Call me Mr. President, yo. I’m not worried about a lone serial killer. Don’t you watch unsolved mysteries n shit? Serial Killers don’t hang out in arcades unless they’re also pedos after that sweet sweet underage arcade tang.

Because it’s there. And folks without mics have no other way of communicating mid-match. So they taunt. So what? I guarantee you’d rather see my Dee Jay facepalm and point at you laughing before you EVER wanted to hear my voice or any other ridiculous player spouting insults.

Dude, I LOSE and taunt. So what? For instance, against a mashy Gouken in Ranked, the entire first round he dominated me with fireball/focus shenanigans.

So in the closing 10 seconds, I continued to taunt until he finished the round. He won with a perfect. I mean, I couldn’t get close enough anyway, right? So why not at least laugh about it.

In the 2nd and 3rd rounds, I got close to him, threw him into the corner, and then spammed lk sobat, cr.lp, cr.mk, taunt, over and over again and won the match. Yup. The exact same fashion both of the rounds I won.

Chill out, man. Either catch him in early taunt for freebie damage or simply teach him a painful lesson about taunting the wrong people. Just remember that getting butt-hurt, and by extension making threads like this, means he got the reaction out of you that he wanted. Win or lose.

Also this.

Juicebox is the greatest taunter who ever lived

I only taunt when the fight comes to a standstill. Its like my way of saying get the hell over here so I can pound you.( Also, Juicebox FTW)

It’s completely stupid. To be honest, in any game where you can taunt, I don’t taunt. Why would I? I’d rather just use my skills to continue to beat that person…and if someone honestly needs to taunt to show how “good” he is, they don’t deserve to play the game.

It’s a taunt dude. Cmon. Grow a pair.

Both the reasons I’ll taunt have been mentioned.

  1. I’m getting beat, opponent taunts, I wake up and start winning and spam taunt.

  2. I’m winning and my opponent is sitting on the other side of the screen doing nothing. I taunt to let them know they’re the one that has to take initiative. I’m not gonna chase someone if I’ve got the lead.

At the risk of drawing incredible amounts of heat on me I’ll ask this:
WTF is your problem?

Don’t “deserve” to play the game? Get the fuck over yourself.

Again, if I toss out a LP Air Slasher, and you jump thinking you’re so cool, but land on it anyway, I’m taunting your ass.

If you’ve been spamming fireballs, varying the speed of them or not, and I sit back with a good health advantage and focus or jump over every one while you try desperately to close the health gap before time-out with your lame ass shoto fireballs… I’m taunting your ass. Twice. After each fireball even.

Random ass ultra from full screen? Taunting until your animation stops and then punishing you when the end of that animation leaves you open for X amount of frames.

Did I bait a mashed EX SRK? Hahaha. Taunting you then messing you up as soon as you’re in EX Machine-Gun Upper range.

If you rage quit… I could care less about not getting my BP or PP. I’ve just won the greatest battle. My hitting two simple buttons just killed your game without having to do any damage at all.