Why the Bloody Roar series died

You’ve seen my thoughts on DOA. Now I’m going to go indepth into why Bloody Roar games failed.

First off, the furry shit. No one wants to play a fucking fighting game with people transforming into animals and monsters and shit. That crap is better suited for an action game or something, not a fighter. Who the fuck wants to play as a goddamned werewolf in leather pants with fingerless gloves? Come on man. Not to mention the awful character designs. The first game had a fucking shemale, the second had a half naked bat woman, the third had a Guido/Gay clubber guy that turns into a tiger, the game after that had a gay indian ballet dancer in leather pants, and the game after that had a fucking witchblade ripoff. LAME.

The gameplay was ass too. It was basically DOA, but instead of a counter button, it was a beast button, that turned you into some furry shit, and you got extra furry moves, like clawing people and biting them hard. Bullshit, I play fighters to see martial arts, not some dude turning into a fucking animal/monster and stabbing with claws and fangs and shit, that’s straight up pussy shit. Tekken chars fight like fucking MEN, even Kuma is more manly than any Bloody Roar character despite using his claws.

Oh let’s see, also unlike Tekken the 3 attack buttons make for shallow gameplay, since you can’t control your limbs like in Tekken, so combos are very shallow and easy shit like pppppkkkbbbb. Also the game had supers, which is lame in a 3d fighter, 3d fighters like Tekken are all about manually kicking ass, landing some attack and watching a 30 hit combo is lame as fuck in 3d fighters. Also the game has a block button, like MK(and MK is totally shit), and some shit called fast evade, which is like SF3 parrying, you just tap forward and the Block button and your char dodges everything, it’s fucking bullshit; it has no risk, just like parrying in SF3, so it ruins all the mindgames. Also the game has fucking ringouts, wtf is this shit, 1994? That shit should have died with Fighting Vipers.

Now you understand why this series died and no one wants a new game, because it’s fucking ass. They’re too scared to make a new one, because they know Tekken 7 would fucking destroy that shit.

He did the mash
He did the monster mash

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