Why the button conventions are so difficult?


Why they they decide to use teh movelist like 5b,6c

When they can just use “F” for forward and “n” nor neutral like the convention way we all know lt??

\back forward down up ???

I am having a hard time understanding the move list here :mad:


If you write combos here using the method you described, they would take up paragraphs. To shorten them, we use something called “Keypad Notation.”

Visualize your joystick in this manner…

Along with this setup I took from a Melty Blood tutorial…

A = Light Attack
B = Medium Attack
C = Heavy Attack
P = Partner


yea i understand what youre saying but since i been playing games they have a standard convention F,F,B,B as we know forward, forward back back
we dont need to put UP UP we can shorten it as mentioned UFDU
SO the same manner if we have a combo like 5a,2c,6B we can say Na,Dc,FB ( which is neutral A , Down C , forward B)

Oh well, maybe i have to adjust to this forum guide :frowning:


This notation is standard for many other games, just not any of the SF-related ones. FWIW, Guilty Gear, Blazblue, Arcana Heart and Melty Blood all use this notation.

You probably don’t play or have not been exposed to those other games which would explain why this is foreign to you. Try to get used to it, because it’s not changing anytime soon.


With your notation, the ‘B’ could stand for either ‘mid attack’ or ‘backwards’ input. The same sort of thing happens with 4-button SNK fighters, with ‘D’ being confused with ‘Down’ or ‘Strong Kick’. By using the number/letter method, you automatically know that numbers are directional inputs and letters are attack inputs without having to look at it logically.