why the ego ?

i come across some players who generally wish to get better as a player and are friendly about what ever outcome they may face win lose or draw , but then you have your other group of players who think they are the king of all fighting games , act like idiots and run away when they face anyone who beats them in ssf4

my question is , are these jerks so insecure with them self’s that they have to go around being jack asses to people , taunting in match’s , talking crap , just to feel good about them self’s ?

and if you find yourself being like that , why should anyone be your friend ? no one likes jack asses like that.

Bell shaped curve. theres one for everything.

Someone’s said this better than I could ever…

Quit gettin’ mad at video games. I don’t see why you should be getting bent out of shape over XBL retards.

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with taunting, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with taunting someone in person, provided you’re willing to deal with the consequences.

^guy with dan avatar is pro-taunting… I’m shocked lol.

jk, I <3 Dan.

Welcome to the internet…leave your crying at the door.

Nothing wrong with taunting in match. No matter where you go, there will be always be really big jerks out there. It’s hard to deal with, for me at least, because you might try to be friendly with everyone until they act like jerks to you. But hey, if they’re all bark and no bite, you can always call them out on that.

it doesn’t sound like he’s talking about online play…

Fixed. The story of Capcom-Unity’s userbase

Question: Am I an insecure jerk if I talk crap to others to make myself feel good, even though I’ve been winning non-stop?

Well if you need others need to feel bad, for you to feel good…

More importantly, why eat Apple Jacks if it doesn’t taste like apple?

Breakfast cereal is the leading cause of childhood malnutrition in North America. You shouldn’t be eating Apple Jacks.



I’m with you. I don’t mind the all-in-good-fun trash talk, but when it gets personal it baffles my mind. Seriouslly, what is wrong with those ppl?! People lose one game sometimes and instantly are going to murder me, kill my whole family, and/or rape my dog. I’d say just ignore them, but I understand how hard it can be when you got a dude scream stuff like that at you for no apparent reason or sending you more hate mail then you’d think someone could type in an hour. Hate to say it, but like other users said it’s something you have to deal with in any game unfortunately.

OP obviously has never partaken in any competitive activity outside of Street Fighter.

It’s like saying people who lose should never get mad either. It happens, people are competitive.

If they are scrubs and jerks then they are just aholes. If they are good and a jerk they might just get pissy when they lose. I hate losing if I lose to someone with no rep I get extra mad I make a point of trying not to take it out on them it’s not Thierry fault I f’ed up. So they might be jerks might be mad at you or they might just not like playing you. Ask them they will tell you why they are treating you poorly.

Interesting thought for you. Winning in a game = / = Secure. Come on, Dorris… :bottle:

Better yet correct use of punctuation…

Nothing wrong with in-game taunt animations, I think they give a match a little kick at times, when they’re not overused anyway. Shit-talking amongst friends is also normal.

But for people that so desperately need a video game win to feel good about themselves (the same guys that have heart attacks when they lose), yeah, chances are your real life sucks.