Why the EVO prize structure MUST be changed (PLEASE READ)

Dead or Alive 4 results, offline tournaments, past 6 months:

Texas Showdown: 5 players
Final Round: CANCELLED
ECCXI: After being HIGHLY advertised and promoted on the DOA Central website, and even having some of the moderators and heads of that community like Tom Brady attend: 15 players.

After the tournament, Tom Brady posted on DOA central basically talking shit to his own community, telling them that the offline tournament community would be FINISHED soon since nobody wants to get off of their asses and play in a tournament, but instead sit at home and play casuals over Xbox Live all day and talk shit about it. He got so pissed that he might start exclusively playing Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 because the game will be released for Live soon and that’s also one of his primary games.

Now, compare to the results of Super Turbo in the past 6 months:

Texas Showdown: I can’t find the results but it was definitely in the range of 20-30 players
Final Round 9: 34 entrants
ECCXI: 30 players

See a pattern here?

Even though Hyper Street Fighter AE is a different game than ST, because ST is NOT in the official lineup for either qualifiers or EVO nationals, ALL the old-school players will be playing this game.

Yet, DOA4 has prizes 4 times the size of Hyper SF.

Prizes need to be changed, theres nothing at all to justify DOA4 getting the money. It’s that simple. Thank you.

And the list was only 15 people. Note how excited people are to enter the next big offline DoA tournament :lol:

The DoA community doesn’t seem to care about offline tournaments. Only 8 real DoA players showed up and some even had to leave before the tournament was over (according to the results). $5000 seems like too much for such a [most likely] small turnout at EVO. I expected more players at ECC since they were advertising it so much and I thought the community supported their game more than the Soul Caliber community, but I guess I was wrong :sweat:

I agree that HSF should have a bigger prize, but so far only one person has signed up for EVO West (Cole) and the early bird registration is almost over. DoA4 currently has 3 people signed up.

It would be funny if only one person showed up for DOA and took the prize money by default. Err … not really.
I think DOA prize should equal to MKDS/HSF2 prize money and maybe even less since chances are, DOA is going to have low turnouts.

You can’t really count final round because um…

for one THe tournament was on, then it was cancelled, then it was on again then it was cancelled. So no one really thought the tournament was going to happen or not.

Texas Showdown well I have no excuse for that.

ECC was not highly advertized on DOAC, but it was announced early. There is also no excuse for this either.

The problem with the DOA community is the site DOAC its geared to promote online, and the site admin doesnt care since hes like 45 years old and has never spent a dime to travel anywhere but to E3 because he is a casual gamer. He rather for people to play online instead of offline.

If there was a better DOA site then I think progress would be made, but until then it won’t work. Tragic however did make DOAlive, but it doesn’t really get any traffic I don’t think many people know about it either, and it wasn’t really a site it was more or less just a forum.

DOAcentral is what I call a “fan” site. Hardcore my ass its nowhere near imo.

looks like EVO will drop doa and add SFA?

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Yikes…maybe there should be a minimum for a 5k prize.

I say this. Exchange the Doa prize money with the HSF prize money. Since evo is most likely gonna guarantee 40+ for HSF it’s only right they get a bigger prize. DOA is a variable, if by some chance they exceed HSF entrants in Evo, then give them a bigger prize NEXT YEAR. This is doa’s first year at evo and it deserves a chance. But with such low turnouts throughout the tourney season it’s be a waste to give $5,000 to 5 man tourney.

To me the fact that people are showing up for ST tournies over HSF2 is not that much of a postive step.

At least the DOA4 people have to travel to the tourney, we assume if they were physically there they would be entering. The HSF2 people are already at the tourney, and some of the tournies already have the consoles, but people seem to be choosing arcade ST (even one machine broken arcade ST, no offense) over the game that will be at evo… so i’m not understanding why it’s any better off than DOA4 at this point.

You could imply that the old school people will all move to HSF2, but they haven’t as of now, and there will be arcade ST at evo that has arguably better equipment and comp than the other ST tournies this year, so who’s to say that HSF2 will be supported there too?

But keeping perspective, HSF2 still has more prize money than itself or ST has had in the evo series, so it’s not like anything was taken from HSF2 to give to DOA4, there’s just more for everyone.

If you want to ensure biggest slice of the pie, stop comparing between games, and make HSF2 a legit game, 100+ at regionals, 300+ at evo, and there will be no argument.

What about flip-flopping the prize to the game with more entries? That way the pay structure is more lucrative in the games harder to get it in.

Realistically I’ll doubt it’ll change, most changes proposed based on sentiment of players have been shot down I’ve noticed. What will most likely cause it to change is the very probable poor showing of players that will come to participate in DOA.

My advice? Enter the DOA tournament, it may not be your game, but if it’s just twenty people, you could very well luck yourself into top 8. (Assuming everyone else doesn’t jump in with the same mindset.)

There actually was a DOA4 tournament in Toronto where only 1 guy showed up, you should’ve mentioned that DSP. =P

Trying to think of other tourneys…if you don’t count anime cons, there’s been two offline tournaments that drew over 20 people. One in New York got 40 people or so but was unorganized as all hell (people still don’t even agree on the top 3 placings, that’s how bad it was), and one in Virginia had 21 players. However, Perfect Legend’s last Ohio tourney got 16 players, and it seems his next one will be bigger, so there may be a little hope yet.

But I agree that it’s a huge risk to throw this much prize money at a game with such a weak tournament history. I think the idea behind this, and Mario Kart, is to draw some people from the giant pool of casual players, but color me skeptical…

EDIT: For people who want to try to tier-whore their way into final 8, I would recommend ninjas, Jann Lee, or Hitomi. =)

And finally, FMJ, do you really think all these old-schoolers would pass up this kind of prize pool even for arcade ST? Some of them may be SAYING that they will, but when the time comes I suspect the money will talk. And that’s why I think AE will be a better draw than DOA4; the old-school SF2 community is a million times larger than the offline DOA community.


ST, HSD2, DoA4 are all tiny little communities. Next year evo should concentrate 10 or 20 Grand on Marvel and Evo may become the best tourney in the world on at least one game.

how about bringing A3 or HSFZ into the mix

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology is coming soon and is going to include an arcade perfect Alpha 3.
I was shocked that Alpha 3 was not part of the roster.

Dood, I’ve seriously read your last 10 or so arguments on SRK and every single one gets more retarded. i think you’re trying to abuse your moderator status to get people to read your stupid crap.

EVERYBODY KNOWS ST is a superior game. But ST is NOT at EVO or EVO East/WEST except in an UNOFFICIAL MANNER. That means, LOW PAYOUTS. Use your fucking head, everybody who enters ST or even plays ST is going to enter HSF at these tournaments, because there is no other game even remotely close to ST at these events.

The 4 sentences I posted above have raped your entire argument, the next time you post PLEASE use your brain instead of your balls telling you to empower your stupid moderator status to post. It’s elementary that HSF will get more entries than DOA at EVO and that’s that.

For the person that said that EVO WEST only has 1 pre-entry for HSF but DOA4 has 3: first, thats the dumbest argument ever since only having 1 or 3 people in a tournament does not matter, the tournament still sucks. Second, pre-registrations have never in ANY way reflected the total number of people who attend the tournament…

Perfect example is ECC, we have a lot of pre-registrations for MvC2 but second place by far was SUPER TURBO with someting like 8 pre-registrations, when the tournament only had 30 people…while tournaments like CvS2 and 3s both had less than 5 pre registrations but more than 45 people showed up for each…

The problem is expecting a lot from nothing. We all know Doa wasn’t put into evo due to it being a good game. Every thread I read talked about the prospects of many Doa players showing up(millions play doa = many players showing up). The actual tournament aspect was never touched. Is that not the main factor in why any fighting game should be at Evo. This is putting a budding community on the spot to produce results, otherwise it will more than likely be blackballed. The possibility of the less than stellar amount of players at Evo shouldnt be held against the Doa Community. It should be held against those who used irrational judgement in entering a game without checking out it’s fact sheet.

If I didnt mention it earlier, DSP, I thank you for your support(ECC), and I do hope the Doa Community can show up and support their game. Oh yeah, I feel that The Evo staff should look at the amount of players that show up to the qualifiers. If less than 100 players show up(each), than yes, the amount of money that was going to be given to doa should be given to a game that can produce better results.

DSP, I was agreeing to what you stated in your first post, not arguing against it :lol:. I just stated that extra information to remind people that early bird registrations were ending, and that there was only one person registered for HSF. I guess I should’ve stated it in a more direct manner. There’s still a month left of regular registration so more people will enter.

Isn’t the whole point of the 5k pot to bring in players? While the points people are making are valid, lowering the pot makes the game a whole lot less attractive to come and actually play. Yes, ST/HSF is guarenteed more players (40+ compared to less than 10 seems like a lot, but it’s nothing over 200+ the other games, sans MKDS, will get), but there’s nothing wrong with trying something new.

IMO, the community should wait it out. What should happen is for Evo staff to wait until online registration ends before making a decision. If there aren’t enough registered players for DOA, then it should be dropped and the HSF pot should be upped. Perhaps not to 5000, because the game will not draw as many players compared to the other games at the tournament, but an increase is warranted. The left over money from the DOA pot could be used for future Evo funds (if possible).

I don’t think they should wait until registration ends because some people have to take time off of work and book a room at the hotel for EVO. If they only wanted to enter because of DoA and they find out that it was dropped last minute, it would seem pretty harsh. The reserved room could’ve went to someone else and if they asked for time off of work, someone else would be covering that shift so the player just wasted a sick day. I don’t believe that they should drop DoA from the roster but they should lower the prize money and add it to HSF since it seems like not many people are interested in entering EVO for DoA despite the $5000 1st prize (I’ve asked in different forums).

I highly doubt anyone will Prereg for EVO alot of people don’t use paypal.

I don’t think people want to register at the door since the cover charge would be $45 (assuming the prices are the same as EVO West). They mentioned that online registration was required and they would just take a few people at the door to complete the brackets.