Why the hate/dislike?

Hello there. So, I’m been perusing the forums here, and I’ve noticed that some people seem to think that SFvsTK will be stupid, and not a good fighting game. (Even though they haven’t played it yet.) Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m not defending it, but neither am I attacking it. I’d just like to know what the general stance here is when it comes to SFvsTK, and why that stance is what it is.

Pissed @ the lack of reveals. (notice the difference in reception after todays reveals… and we have 18 more characters to reveal over the next 6 and a half weeks…)
Waaahh waaah my character isn’t in so the game sucks!!!

If the game ends up decent/hype than most will jump back on the hypetrain like they never left it.

Off course some people just don’t like the game period, but that applies to every game…

Gems worry me. They might handle it well, but it might end up turning into a ‘pay-to-win’ deal.

Other than that, I didn’t enjoy SF4 in the first place and I’ve lost my craving for MvC3. Capcom just ain’t doing it for me anymore.

That’s just how I feel about it. If certain characters end up getting into it I will buy it, but it’ll take more than that for me to take it seriously.

For me, I was excited about it until a thought popped in to my head: “Why do I think this will be a good game?”

And I couldn’t answer that question.

So I just kind of lost interest, and went back to Marvel 3. That said, I’m curious how gems will be handled in tournaments, but that is as far as my interest goes.

See for me a numerous things:
-I didn’t like MVC3
-SFIV was not fun to play for me at all but I’ll take it over MVC3
-Because of the above I’m on the fence when I see anything with Capcom as the publisher(RE 6/Asura’s Wrath/DmC Devil May Cry)
So when I saw SFxT and it looks like SFIV, with reveresed color font. Then later I see more and more of it. While seeing Kazuya bust people up nasty was somewhat amusing, everything else just fails to do anything for me. I mean I love SF. I’m a fan of A2/ST/3S. I like Tekken even more. You’re presenting me with a game that if Akuma is playable you will give me two of my favorites characters from their respective series in one game(Kazuya and Akuma) and I can tag team them. I huge fan of Tekken Tag and I’m 100% on board with Tag 2. But SFxT? It just doesn’t click. It doesn’t look interesting. The music sounds like ass, I don’t care for most of the SF cast, cross arts look lame, Tekken super moves look lame.

You know the best thing that came from SFxT? The trailer with Bob vs Rufus. That was awesome. I’ll give you my personal list of the best things about SFxT:
-Kazuya’s launcher
-The Bob vs Rufus trailer
-Ryu at the character select screen because he looks FIERCE.
-Animated models at the character select screen.
-Jin’s “I’ll show you fear” at the end of the latest trailer.

I can’t even say I truly believe the game is ass. I’m not on board with gems either. I would have liked something closer to the grooves from the CVS series. This gen Capcom just hasn’t been cutting it for me. The FG genre is my favorite and SFxT doesn’t excite me at all. I haven’t played it nor do I plan on blowing 60 bucks to “try it out” but the game does nothing to hype me up. You can say that Tag Tournament 2 isn’t some huge step forward but I liked Tag 1 and Tekken 6 and when I look at Tag 2, while it’s “more of the same”, it looks satisfying. There’s not a doubt in my mind that I’ll enjoy playing that game.

I know that people hate the gems system because it’s a system that if you really look at it, it’s actually going to hold back those “bad” players because it gives them a false sense of security. It doesn’t positively push new and “bad” players to get better and competition makes FGs better. This game just isn’t doing anything for me at all. I’ve seen tons of matches. Seen every damn trailer. Scramble mode and such. Nothing. I ask myself “What are these people seeing in this?” “Is this going to be yet another Capcom FG that does nothing for me?” Look, if someone hands me a copy, I’ll try it out but that’s it. I have no faith in the game at all. I’m not going to bash anyone for liking it but so far it’s not cutting it for me.

IF it’s one thing this game did, was that it took the old rehashed SF4 stuff to managed to make it look fresh. The speed, hits, and sound effects all feel different compared to all the SF4 iterations.

It’s like the 2nd Impact of the SF4 series.

It’s trying to appeal to all 3 core audiences at once.

  1. Street Fighter
  2. Marvel (Teams and Gems)
  3. Tekken (Big in Japan)

Yet it still fails. The Gems alone killed it.

The Gem System Worrys Me. I dont like any tekken games, to slow and bore me, HOWEVER, i like the characters in series.
love the idea of sf vs tekken. worried that there will be lots of bs with pandora mode. looks fantastic to me as far as gameplay goes. hope they have more background levels for DLC, hoping to see cody, guy and akuma added. seeing rufus in this was annoying, but great trailer. 500+ hours of sf4 ssf4 & ssf4ae combined on ps3
extra thought: hope each character has atleast 2 power moves that they can perform: i.e. Ryu- Metsu Hadoken or the badass shoryuken he does [forget the name]

also i sold mvc3 was fun for a day or 2, lost interest quickly.

The game just seems unfocused in every way. Aesthetically, I think this game looks like complete shit. Just…awful. Which is odd, because I think SFIV looks very good personally. I know that to some people SFxT looks very similar to SFIV, but this game just looks like someone took a shiny, brownish shit all over that games’ character models and added terrible looking stages and obnoxious music. As far as the actual core of the game is concerned, that just looks like a clusterfuck of half-baked ideas as well. It’s like a bunch of kids from Gamefaqs got together and decided to try and design a fighting game crossover. There seems to be no regard for what would actually make for a competitively solid fighting game, and instead more emphasis is being placed on just cramming as much shit in there as possible in a weird attempt to have the game look…stylish? Cool? I don’t even know.

This game just looks like…a mess. That’s the best way for me to articulate my thoughts on it.

Pissed @ the lack of reveals. (notice the difference in reception after todays reveals… and we have 18 more characters to reveal over the next 6 and a half weeks…)

We do? Where’d this come from? I thought we had like 6.

I have been waiting for a 2d 2v2 game where the people have to coordinate switches like this for EVER now. If gems ruin the game they’ll be removed. I don’t see what the big deal is. You can act like removing the gems makes it a joke scene but it’s way better than being a dead one. I think the gems will work though personally.
This game is basically my dream fighter made better by getting Juri in. I will play this game with the diehards till a sequel is announced.

I loved the game that they showed at the NYC Bar fights. I love the concept. Here is the issues I have:

Pandora mode threatens to either be completely useless or extremely over powered. Frankly they have no need for it.

Gems are an interesting concept that they have COMPLETELY screwed over. There are TOO MANY different gems, and premium DLC gems is the worst possible thing that they could do. A company should never EVER sell a core game mechanic in a competitive game. Only reason games like League of Legends gets away with the rune system is that A. you can’t buy runes with real money & B. the core game is free 2 play despite the massive hidden costs via microtransactions. We are paying for SFxT already once and being told to pay for core mechanics in addition.

The way that Capcom has treated it fans has weakened my hype as well. Stating things like “we have made sure there are no infinites so its balanced” or “there are no DLC gems that have an advantage over others.” “gems are balanced against each other and none will be OP.” as though the all of the other Overpowered features, infinite combos, and game breaking glitches were put in the game INTENTIONALLY in every other video game where fans have broken the system or discovered tech that devs didn’t know about. (o and a personal favorite capcom quote from a recent stream “Come on, how many of you are really going to by the game for PC?” building your community step #1 insult the integrity of your fans and/or pretend they don’t exist.)

Lastly while I’m pretty hyped for the Tekken cast (sad they haven’t announced Lei or Wang who have been Tekken staples for a long time and are personal favorites.) the SF side feels more like SF4 vs Tekken. Granted the number of characters (especially fan favorites) that are in SF4 is quite large, there is still A LOT of characters that they could bring back that didn’t see an appearance in SF4. Yet so far they have only done 3 characters, and the rumored leak list from Lupinko only has 1 more non-SF4 character to be revealed (Elena).

Lastly I’m sad that they didn’t go with the awesome/obvious team of Ibuki/Makoto who have had an adorable friendship/rivalry in the SF universe for a while.

because it doesnt look fun…

is that ok?

1.) The early demo builds of the game were the assiest ass to ever ass: Pandora mode was a massive fail, the models were poorly animated, damage scaling was so low that matches felt like a grind before they were over.
2.) Gem system: The gem system as it has been announced is scary and unknown. It seems like the next logical step from selectable grooves or assists, or slash/bust modes, but the way it’s being executed leaves ALL KINDS of open questions that might single-handedly make the game utter crap if mishandled. From the above-mentioned pay-to-win DLC/“special” gems concerns, to how gem selection is going to work in tournaments and whether the time consumed will be a concern. In short, it’s an experiment, and people are scared to get hype because it could easily fail.
3.) Lack of info: Character reveals have been a GIGANTIC cocktease from moment one, and the community is pretty sick of it. Also, the first impressions of the gem system were horrible, and Capcom STILL has yet to release enough information to do anything to counteract the sky-is-falling assumption of the worst possible case.
4.) Ono: He’s a massive troll, and some of the shit he says REALLY makes you wonder if he’s got any idea what fighting games are actually about.

Personally, I’m not hyped for SF x Tekken because I despise SF4. I’d be more interested in Tekken x SF.

I see this like I see Marvel 3; its going to be too silly for me to take seriously, but I will play it, only for the fact I can Kazuya and Juri on teams.

I’ll probably use more Tekken characters, and Juri, because I REALLY hate SFIV, and I think every character in SFIV has their ugliest iteration in that version, and they insisted on using them, i.e ape Ryu. I mean look at SFIV Bison, I cant take him seriously “This tastes like gravy!”

The Tekken characters still look good. Fix these SF characters!

I agree with most of what you said, but I would add that the pre-Pandora announcement builds of the game were getting all kinds of positive feedback from players, especially around E3. I believe that build hung around for a long time, and, to the best of my knowledge, I don’t think a build with Gems has been playable for the mass audience yet, so I’m not sure how much we can take away from any of the demos we are playing and seeing.

OP: It’s an internet forum, why would you expect anything else but negativity? :wink:

Personally I’m looking forward to it, whether it’s a good or a bad experiment, it’s still going to invigorate something new into the genre and I’m interested to see how that pans out. Going to need to look into it more when it’s released but the only thing that really strikes me as odd (and concerning) straight off the bat is how they are handling gems. Tournaments should straighten that out, but it still doesn’t bode well.

refering to my post above, i was worried about the gem system… then i watched this http://www.gametrailers.com/video/gem-customization-walkthrough/725891 i think i will enjoy it, to many ways to win, hard to strategize, that probably makes it funner

Oh I love character customization, even in a game like WoW I enjoy the subtle differences between stacking Mastery as opposed to Crit, I’d enjoy the implementation of that done well, but balance is something that’s very hard to achieve when you implement those elements. I can just see the game becoming quite broken because of it, and as fighters get the most attention through being played competitively, having an element like that could seriously detract from the game. I can see it leading to broken combinations and a whole heap of bans in the competitive scene.

to many rules on the competitive scene in my opinion, but that’s a whole 'nother topic lol im just ready to give capcom my $ and sit down and veg out on this game