Why the hate on the English VA?


So I saw a few people complain about the English VA in this game and I don’t know if it’s just me but I think that it’s actually pretty good.

Is the Japanese VA better or is it simply preference?


The eng voices are a mixed bag to me. For a few characters I don’t think the voice fits the character (Nash, Bison, Chun-Li). The voices I like best are the ones with accents (Birdie, Cammy, Zangief, Dhalsim) along with Karin and FANG. Mika’s sounds annoying in both voices so I’m indifferent with her. Don’t care for the other characters ENG voices.


All acting comes down to preference. Why does this even need to be asked?

There is no such thing as a VA being “better” - VAs do not make the choice of which audio takes make it into the game.

To be honest, many of the Japanese voices are horrible, too. Japanese voice acting is no better or worse than Western - at least according to bilingual people I know.

To me, pretty much all of the voice work in both languages sucks. I put everyone to Japanese because it’s less grating (but still grating nonetheless).


Because it’s actually possible to identify bad voice acting when you understand the language they’re speaking.
I don’t know a word japanese, so for all I know the japanese voice acting is amazing. It could also be terrible. However, I know when the English voice acting is terrible.


'Cuz they fucking suck, that’s why


Not all of them do. I Believe its a matter of preference. The english VA for Birdie is brilliant. Laura sucks in both Jap and English.


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I prefer japanese
First i’m not murrican/english so english still sound foreigner to me (even if i understand it)

I like the product (usually any product) with original dubs, and usually japanese tend to nail the character way better imho, eng dubs often sound cringeworthy when they miss the character

Said that in SF4 i set some characters in eng where it fit better, like Guile, Boxer and some others. Jap anybody else

As now in SFV i will probably set eng on Nash, Guile, Alex, Boxer and Birdie, leave jap on everyone else


Cammy in English is pretty good too.


Probably had her too
More or less my setting was murricans/english characters in eng, jap everyone else

Will likely be the same this time


I liked Ryu,Nash and especially Birdie, those stood out for me.
Laura is just annoying to listen to, she hurts my ears and Fang is slightly obnoxious.


I’ll stick to English I don’t really care for Japanese VA. I want hear what they are saying and not read subtitles.


Thankfully Street Fighter lets me pick and choose voices. I wish I could just mute Laura though. She sounds terrible in both languages.


As someone from London, Birdie’s accent is terrible! He doesnt sound British at all and he says pretty strange things. Its very cringe, but his Japanese crazy voice is pretty good. Cammy’s accent is authentic.

Overall, I agree its a mixed bag, whereas the Japanese voice acting seems a lot more consistent in quality.

I like Spaniard Vega and Russian Zangief, these add to the experience.
Nash voice sounded good to me, knowing what he says makes him more badass to me.
Bison is OK, but his Japanese voice seems more accurate to the character with the laugh etc.
Chun Li is a bit too goody goody in English.
Necalli was good, but its not that hard, you just need to scream and mumble.
Ken and Ryu as expected and fine I guess, but Japanese Ryu is always a keeper.
Laura is kinda annoying, I prefer the Japanese.
R Mika was OK in English, again, knowing what she says adds to the experience.

Others arent coming to me right now.


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Laura is pretty damn bad, but she has a really great theme. Jap Bison > everything because of Psycho Crusher. English Sim is runner up to Jap Bison, “Based God Agni… THE POWA!”


I normally don’t play in JP if I can help it normally because I prefer to understand my characters unless it’s truly something that’s annoying in English. Really I find it too mixed for me to have much of a say in the japanese language since I don’t fully understand it, but normally they’re saying just as many cliche one liners as you expect from standard fighting games that you’ve heard in countless games.

Course both languages have their gems for voice acting.


Birdie straight up sounds like Mortal Kombat movie Kano. Chun there’s no passion behind it. Some like Ken, Nash, and Laura are just bleh. Cammy is the only one I think the English VA sounds better. Several of them could go either way but since I don’t speak Japanese I’ll probably have them in English. But overall it seems like the Japanese VAs just put more effort in.


i think the voice acting is fine, in the end you only really hear their grunts and attakc moves anyway.


You don’t need to understand words to know whether they are spoken with feeling. You can even make this distinction with things that aren’t words, like music. A concert violinist will not sound the same as someone who picked up the instrument for the first time. So why should it suddenly stop being true when words are involved? No sense in that argument.

It’s okay to have an opinion. You can like the Japanese voices or the English voices because they appeal to your preferences. But to claim that voice acting doesn’t have an objective quality to it is going too far, either out of lack of thinking on the subject, or out of an active wish of some people to appear like they’re taking the high road of objectivity, when they’re just looking for a justification for their opinion.

Determining that objective quality is another story. Often-times there’s enough leeway that it would be silly to claim either side as “better.” But in some cases it’s definitely possible. Here’s one: I guarantee you that my voice acting for Zangief would be objectively worse than either of the voices in-game.

As for the common topic, it’s not too hard to imagine some reasons why people tend to prefer Japanese voice acting over English. The one that sticks out to me is that there’s a stronger base for it. There’s more training for voice acting in Japan and more celebrity to it, so the talent pool is wider in the same way that this happens anywhere. Japanese companies tend to stick with one voice actor per character for the life of the franchise while American companies toss them out when they get too expensive. And there is a narrower pool of voice actors who are still as good as anyone else, so you don’t have trouble with that kind of thing in Disney films or anything like that, partly because they draw from live-action actors (more of these people would probably have become voice actors if they were Japanese.)


I’m not musically inclined or whatever, and I can’t claim to be an expert at voice acting skills. However, I do know that these voices portray a sound that is unique to their character’s traits. Ryu is serious, Ken is care-free, and so on.

Voice acting is a lot more complex then one might admit: just as with stage performances, an actor tries to look into every aspect of their character to perfect their sound. Things like: where do they fall in line in the story? What are their goals and motives? From what I understand, these people hired by Capcom are professionals and have been in the industry for some time now (Ken, Chun Li, and R. Mika’s VA’s to name a few), and I feel like I’m in no position to judge or even criticize their work. They’ve been at it for so long in due in large part to their success as voice actors. They’re incredible, and I think they did a splendid job in SF V.

To me, Nash sounds great: he definitely looks like the Charlie we all once knew, but completely feels different in both his voice work and his game design.
Necalli straight up sounds like a primitive feral savage who’s out for your blood, with some possible tie to the Satsui no Hadou. Birdie sounds like a total rebel, Laura sounds like she’s lax but a little on the rough side, Karin sounds like a stuck-up… no wait… I’ll stop there. You get the idea, these voices describe their characters’ personalities, and their VAs totally nailed it down.

So, I can’t say that “this person’s voice has no passion behind it”, or “seems like they put more effort into it”. I picture Chun Li with her soft, but direct voice, Ken with his cocky attitude, Ryu with his determination. If their voices sound like what their supposed to, I’m happy.