Why the hate on Triforce?


First King of Chinatown then the CEO documentary. What has the guy done?


KOC didn’t portray him as a villian, just a guy with a dream that has no idea how to achieve it… It was just a sad story really.

But the guy does talk complete nonsense 24/7. If you take what it says seriously you’ll get mad. Just laugh it off.


Hmm…Seth Killian leaving has seemed to bring up nostalgia on other fighting game celebs. Truth be told this has been discussed a thousand times, I’m just here for the random jokes,hate memories people are gonna spew before this gets closed.


Who knows??

Maybe people would hate you if you changed your name to Triforce too.


There was a CEO Doc?


I was watching twitch tv and triforce is upset he mentioned talk of a lawsuit and being blacklisted by people in the scene


Yes its on spookys archives CEO day 1 about 3 hours into it


He’s got courage. Just no power or wisdom.

2012 SRK GD Awards Nomination Thread

Wasn’t there something about him sending pics of his cock to a 13 year old girl?


More like DMG was bashing triforce with a video at the start of the tournament that was shown on screen at the tourney and on stream for the stream monsters to LOL at


i see what you did there


Alright sounds like a fun little film! :rofl:
EDIT: Man, that shit was boring…



He doesn’t seem to like the community. I guess that’s the reason why a lot of people don’t like him back.
Anyway, I heard he recently had a tragedy in his family. Out of respect, I think we shouldn’t really have a thread to bash on him (You know that’s exactly what this will become).


He’s like that insane hobo who talks about how the government is sending him messages telepathically


This made me laugh out loud for a full minute.

And yes, Triforce is a raving lunatic.


You’re thinking of Bum Tickley.


didn’t stop ceo, thats why I wanted to know what has he done to anger the FGC illuminati


It’s hard to take anyone serious that has a god damn Power Glove on their hand for more hours in the day than not.


Man, I dont know who the fuck this dude is either. I came in here thinking I was gonna find a funny story about the triforce from the zelda games. What a let down.


dude jacked 18 bucks out of me for some rocks