Why the hell is SSBM still not part of the EVO lineup?

I’m not joking. Super Smash Bros Melee is a top skill playing game. One of the best fighters out there, and yet EVO doesn’t recognise that shit? Seriously though, ssbm has been around anicient days since 2001 and has proven to be top tier. Evo needs to get it’s act together. I’m still goin to MLG Vegas/EVO though cause it will be too fun. Seriously why isn’t ssbm there? Post your thoughts on this shit.

It’s being run by MLG, so it’s gonna be there anyways.

My thoughts are you should be banned. Don’t you stupid SSBM fuckers have enough of your own tournaments? It’s bad enough that 2d fighters are dying and have to share the spotlight with 3d fighters, but now we have little kids whining about their stupid game? Fuck SSBM. What’s next, the Pokemon players whining that it’s not at Evo? ‘Pokemon takes skill! It’s even older than SSBM and its proven to be top tier!’.

Someone ban him.

Yo…We been through this already. It’s being run by MLG.

A League!!

and shouldn’t this be in Evo 2k5 forum?

You’re a fuckin idiot. I started with 2d and stay with 2d. Sorry ssbm doesn’t stick with rigid gaming programming. And besides son, play me MVC2 and see, go to EVO and I’ll looke for ya. I know my fighters son, fuckin faggot. I’m just sayin EVO should look into ssbm. It follows the basic same rules as any 2d fighter, cept for it’s killing stylez.
And yeah I know it’s bein run by MLG, but shit son it’s aobu time they showed some love to the smash community. MLG is sponsoring it I know, but to not include it based on personal opinions about it is fucked up.

Magnetro I don’t want to bring that shit up in there. Much too opinion based…

So you bring it up in the place it doesn’t belong? Too bad, cause it’s getting moved there anyway. Also, if anybody decides to use the word “faggot” again in conjunction with this topic, you’ll be banned.

Have a nice day.

Putting it here is even worse. It should be moved.

Serp: Hold thy tongue. Pokemon is the shit.

SSBM is mlg’s territory, since i don’t see it on the schedule i can’t confirm it 100%, but i’m pretty sure it’ll be there somewhere, contact them and make a more reasonable thread once someone finds out.

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