Why The Hell Not @ The Games Skybox on 03/04/2006 (CvS2, MvC2, CvS1, GG: Isuka TT)

The York U tourney was cancelled but I’m still in the mood for a tournament so…

DATE: Saturday March 4th

LOCATION: The Game Skybox

TIME: Registration at noon, start time at 2:00pm

GAMES: Capcom vs SNK 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK 1, Guilty Gear Isuka Team Tournament

REGISTRATION FEE: $2 (winner take all)

2/3 Winners Side, Single Match Losers
3/5 Winners & Losers Finals
4/7 Grand Finals

2/3 Winners & Losers
3/5 Winners & Losers Finals
4/7 Grand Finals

Single Match Winners & Losers
2/3 Winners & Losers Finals
3/5 Grand Finals

2 Players Per Team
2/3 Winners & Losers
3/5 Winners & Losers Finals
4/7 Grand Finals
This tourney is only for shits and giggles. The game is fun if you don’t take it seriously and as long as you have a shred of GG knowledge it can be jokes.

I’ll be bringing a few players from Hamilton (whoever is around and feels up for it) so we’ll hit the 8 player mark unless Sauga has one of its trademark giant no shows.

I’d appreciate if someone could talk to the old man on Friday considering that it’s a regular casual day for the Sauga Crew and just let him know to switch to Event Mode before closing.

ill be there, hopefully the cvs2 sticks get looked at b4 saturday

reg at noon, and starts at 2? tat enough time for cvs2 and 1?
if so, i show up at 1:59. slot for me plz.

Isuka Team Tournament? :lol:

I’m just being realistic. No one will show at 1:00pm or at least not enough people to make the tourney happen. So I booked registration for noon so people can practice and then start at 2.

Way to force me to head back to sauga this weekend… I’ll be there, and also be making CvS2 GF 3/5, since 4/7 is WAYY too much imo. Not that it makes much of a difference, but it will be 3 of 5.

especially since we can’t RC quarters anymore…or is that back now?

That’s still there.

hardly works tho