Why the online color?

Why does everyone online think that using semen nemesis looks good? I just can’t figure it out. Just something that’s been bothering me the past few days, practically every single nem i’ve played online rolls the white color & it’s so god awful looking.

Anyone care to enlighten me to why the nemijizz is so popular?

Also on a serious note, mirror match with nem, any strategy to that? I don’t know why but I always end up having such trouble in a nem mirror.

Consistency of color really, I’m sure you’ve seen teams rolling all black, blue, red, red and black.etc it works for them. People also like white because its a pure and clean color. Its surprisingly one of the more popular Nemesis colors (with pink meat and blue RPD Nemesis being the most unpopular)

and on that Nemesis vs Nemesis matchup, yup its a weird one trust me, I can just say you could either play keepaway or rushdown but it really depends on the momentum of the match. Whoever gets the first hit as Nemesis controls the stage.

it matches their other white characters? matches mine… =D

i’ve only had a few Nem vs Nem matches and the other [S]guy[/S] persons didn’t really know how to use him so jump rocket spamming a bit after he left the ground for his always had his rocket sail past my toes and mine him in the face. both literally just sat there spamming 'till my last rocket killed them.

But what happens when both Nemesis’ players know what their doing? I.e Substantial vs Me games. Check out this, I really should upload the other part to this
Its a good dimenstration of how weird Nemesis vs Nemesis is. Its actually a pretty tough matchup. Though my Nemesis here is much better now than it is here

That’s “Nurse Nemesis” to you! He matches my Bastion Sentinel. :wgrin:

Is part 2 uploaded anywhere? I was learning things…

Found out my problem, playing online. Dropping shit I never drop in offline play.

I dropped that stupid s.:l:, s.:m:, :qcf::l:, Dash, :l:, :hcb::m: like 7 times in a row, I get magic series’d & killed.

That was definitely a turn off the xbox because fuck you I dropped a combo moment.

I always saw it as Nemesis who rolled around in chalk. In one of Max’s videos, someone (maybe him) called it Cocaine Nemesis and so people call him that too.

Also, props to your sig mains.

oh shat, sorry I forgot about that whole series lol. I’ll see if I can upload the second part. I never editied the second 15 minute portion.

I use this white scheme for my team of Nemesis, Iron Fist, Wesker, but I also sometimes use Nemesis (3), Iron Fist (5), Wesker (ALT)

But how can you not like that color? Nemesis is so cute, looks like giant ice cream.

Random note: Blue Nemesis and normal Hsien-Ko color coordinate very well.