Why the Red Rock Resort sucks utter and total donkey d**k

I have two major beefs and some minor ones.

  1. Most importantly, whose brain child was it to book a hotel in which there would be no casual gameplay in the rooms??? Isn’t that part of the whole experience? If nothing else, sh*t, I need to be practicing right now…but instead I’m typing on my laptop. :thumbsdown:

  2. The pool closes at 7 p.m. WTF!?!?!? We were told it was open 'til 8 up until this week, but they are now on winter hours. Double WTF?!?!? It’s 90 fu**ing degrees outside right now!!!111

Minor issues:

This place is like a goddam maze. The directional signs are horrible, and all the employees have attitude.

We went down to the arcade. Naturally, it’s all racing and ticket games, with the exception of the one stand-up cabinet island. We get to the last cabinet of the 5 on that island, nd lo and behold, they have one of those Ultracade SF Anniversary machines…you know the one with emulated WW through A3? Yeah…the only machine in the arcade that isn’t working. Screen’s on with no video, and 1P stick just flops around like grandma’s ti**ies

Okay, I’m done venting now, but seriously, I know putting this thing together is a lot of hard work by a handful of people, and those people probably don’t get enough thanks. So, to you, I say thank you for the hard work and dedication. But I also respectfully request that next time that certain things like being able to hook up a PS2 in your room be taken into consideration. I would much rather have a TV with A/V ports than electric toilets and all-room-surround-sound Bose alarm clocks.

Just my $.02.

:edit: Haha, fellas, check your bathrooms. The LCD screens in the fu**ing batthtub have A/V inputs. W00t! Anybody down for some steamy bathroom HSF2, come on up to room 19101.

HAHA, IF you had bothered reading any other threads you’d see that tv dosen’t have the ports. HAHA

Read them…and also read that maybe the hotel would provide an alternate TV w/ A/V ports…maybe you missed those posts, tho.


LOL, no worries…I’m entirely too sober right now…and that could be more of the problem than anything. Anyhoo, hope the find in the bathroom helps out fellow Red Rock stayers.

Anyone down for Hold-Em since we dont have games?

The plasmas did have s-video inputs. Plugging it in corresponded to video 1. My PS2 did fine without significantly noticable lag or smearing of the picture. We played SF:AE, Alpha Legends, CVS2, God of War and the TV did fine. You do have to pull the plasma from the wall but there is an arm that supports the screen.

I personally thoughtthe Red Rock was the best hotel EVO has had yet. I do agree that the casino area was like a maze, but I think all the casinos are. They want to keep you there!

LOL, yeah we came to that conclusion, too. And, you’re referring to the bathtub LCD? That’s what we finally figured out, too…a little cramped and the TV was a little small, but it did work. In retrospect, the hotel itself was pretty nice (heated toilet seats, anyone?), but it would’ve been nicer to be playing on the 42’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

that was the dumbest rant I have ever read.

Actually, we pulled the plasma off the wooden board inset it was in and found that it was on a swing arm. I did read the previous posts about the plasma’s accessory inputs being “blocked” but that was not the case, at least in our room. The s-video inputs were located towards the bottom middle of the base. We could not find any of the other ports. The big thing was that you neededto do a little channel flipping to make the TV realize you have something else connected. I think it was channel 94 or something. If you did not do this, the game screen does not come up. This can obviously fool you into thinking that the port does not work. Not true!

there was a cashier at the poker room cried out loud between MVC2 & 3S finals if anyone were there, i have no idea what started it but prolly the guy cashing out made some comments

I left soon afterwards and didnt come out winning…so yea, add that to the red rock sucks list

Hey didn’t you know that you bring a co-axiel hook-up aka the ant piece to any hotel. My childeren have been shielded from the world of travel gaming.

^-- We had hot steamy Marvel action in Hevad’s bathroom for hours - it was hilarious. One of the Toi brothers (<3)brought a TV we borrowed for a long while earlier.

I didn’t even think about the arcade situation: it’d be smart next year to work with the hotel arcade to make sure they have games of interest. I know a bunch of us have boards: we should try to work something out.

Casinos are designed for you to get lost in - it helps you take a seat and win money. It all makes sense after a little while, but you are supposed to get disoriented and lose track of time. Casino design psychology is pretty interesting.

The only real problem I had was the construction that woke up my gf and I at 7 am each morning (Weds-Fri). After she left and I stayed at Arizona Charlies Sat-Tues, with the rest of Seattle, we actually got to sleep in… and we had regular ol’ TVs so we could practice. Some genius companies out there need to solve the plasma gaming situation - or places should stop buying non-game friendly TVs. :sad:

I think the 9 o’clock curfew is pretty bad. We found out the curfew the hard way actually, we’re down at fatburger around 11, after the first night of evo, and we got carded while waiting in line. the security guard was cool and said just take the food to go. THEN the manager of fatburger chases down the guard to ask about the situation, and then gives us grief, that and the pool closing before it got dark was pretty lame, the pool looked pretty nice at night, with the blue lights. Anyway only a couple more years before i get chapped in a casino.

The arcade had Tekken 5: DR, and all the old school SF2 and SFA games…

I played on my plasma with no problems, and yes, we had nice bathroom marvel also in hevads room…


"This policy is not meant to apply to guests of the hotel or tournament attendees, it’s meant to get local Vegas party animals who are under-21 to look for someplace else to drink illegally. I’ll have official confirmation that this does not apply to us through the hotel shortly.


Looks like they were not supposed to bother you but they did, unless I was right which never happens

its a las vegas city curfew, not a hotel curfew, it was by law to get people to there hotel rooms or off the street if under 21.

The main problem with the large TV’s there wasn’t that you couldn’t hook anything up to them, as an RF converter, or as someone else said, S-Video worked for them, and the lag wasn’t even all that noticeable to most people that played in my room, but the fact that it was impossible to change the aspect ratio on the tv to 4:3. Perhaps it was different in other rooms, but in mine changing that setting was nowhere to be found in any of the TV’s menus. Playing any other ratio besides that is retarded since it just totally messes with your distance game. Because of that, we all ended up playing on a smaller 20" TV that I brought to the hotel.

It would be nice if the hotel had CRT tv’s, but I’d rather have a classy place that’s comfortable to stay at and have to deal with the TV situation in other ways than to stay at some dump that happens to have an 30 year old TV in the room still.

you know that no matter how small the amount of lag, there is lag, and lag is unacceptable


this thread will tell you every reason why it would not have been nice to play on the 42s. and if you know any japanese ask mint what he thought of it when i played him on one in the guilty gear room.