Why their needs to be a Buriki One sequel

For those in the loop with Snk games probaly have heard about Buriki One an Innovate fighting game that could have changed the way we play 3d fighters. Buriki was a sweet combination of the Original UfC and Art of Fighting . It was the first true mma game out. Fighters from various discplines fought it out to see who would win this tournament . The game looked terrible but with todays graphic engines and the current spike in interest in MMa Buriki 2 would be a great game for todays lovers of Martial Arts they could make a pure Martial Arts fighting game to compete with Tekken 6 people . In Buriki One we could finally see if Karate can beat Muay Thai. If Kung Fu can beat Brazilian Jui Jitsu. Mma vs Boxing if this game was remade with today’s graphics We could See a truly 3d Fighter.

SNk really needs to make a solid foray into 3d fighters without using the health bar like UfC Undisputed.

Uh…no, if you really want to get into it, Yie Ar Kung Fu was the first MMA game, MMA doesn’t have to be in a cage, or a ring, it’s just a fight between different styles. And again, no, if you want to go a little further, Street Fighter was another MMA game.

In retrospect, all fighting games that are not Fight Night, KO Kings, R2R, and K-1, are MMA games, because many different martial artists come together and fight.

So yeah…you’re idea is a little more than half baked homie.

The only thing Buriki One really brought to the table was its control scheme.

I most definetly agree with you guys maybe I made a mistake . I believe that this series has the potential to be even better than Virtua Fighter and Tekken if they just gave it a well thought out shot. If they got rid of the buttons and made this a duel stick game it would change the game up seriously just think about it instead of high, low, medium buttons you have two analogs. one for movement the other for attacking it would help create in my opinion a faster smoother and more balanced 3d fighter compared to what is shelled out today. The characters where believable yet confined to the world of the Snk. No character was just over the top silber was a little over the top. Also the control scheme is pretty much like virtual on forgot to pay homage earlier my bad.

Interesting if just for the control scheme. If remade for today, then it might turn out somewhat like Fight Night but with MMA.

However, the whole Karate vs so and so other martial art doesn’t really work in a modern sense since everybody cross trains these days.

One things for sure, I can’t wait til it’s emulated so I can try it out.

Didn’t one of the characters make an appearance in KOF XI?

Two. Main character Gai Tendo and the game’s boss, Silber/Silver. Gai seems to play similar to his Buriki version with the chains, but Silber/Silver is all about powerful strikes.

Gai Tendo was fun as hell to play as. Honestly, I’d see Buriki being more reincarnated as another KoF Team, than a sequel.

Nah it would be way better if they keep the game as a stand alone title instead of it becoming another kof team. So if they don’t make a new buriki one then I will have to create a better game I am hella seriously to got the fighting styles , names and backgrounds ready I just need the team