Why they draw so good?

ok, im bore, can someone explain to me how come japanese and korean artists draw so much better than the others?

i dont think youve explored the art world enough

race doesnt make any difference at all, there are millions of amazing artists of all kinds
the way you ask this just makes it seem like thats all youve been exposed to

The answer is hard work and practice this is for everyone not one race, my view on art is that its 10percent talent and 90percent hardwork/practice.

Although I wouldnt mind absorbing woofs art powers.

ok i was little vague on the first post, i was thinking of comic/video games arts (not even mention about manga and anime),you can disagree with me, but i still say japanese and korean artist are the best

i agree with you, but i probably say its 40% natural talent and 60% practice…

then all this sounds like to me are preferences … it is a pretty weak thing to debate about!

i was bored so this is the first thing come to my head…and i dont think its all about preferences…

All artists have weaknesses and strengths. Maybe some names would help your illustrate your point. Personally I think Viet artists are the best ;p

You’re ignorant Dan, I’m sorry.I just had to say it.

Ok, we’ve got a lot of opinions. If this thread is going to have any meaningful discussion in it, let’s at least elaborate why we’ve said the things we’ve said. Also good to post links, examples, etc to help illustrate your points.

I have to echo what everyone else is saying – artistic skill isn’t determined by nationality or race.It seems more like you’re making a statement about how favour the manga/anime look of Japanese/Korean game artwork. And that’s an opinion of yours that you’re entitled to, not a statement of fact :slight_smile:

Even though you’ve already stated your unwillingness to even consider other perspectives… I’d encourage you to broaden your mind and study some art history, or just look at stuff beyond anime/manga :slight_smile:

You would be completely right, if it weren’t for the fact that you’re completely wrong.

lol talk about viet artist, i didnt know any, perhaps you could point out some names so i can look up…

personally i think manga is generic and shitty and easy. you’re stating prefrence, which is fine, but don’t confuse it with talent level. not saying manga artists aren’t talented, but i think it’s a deifferent skill, which you either like or don’t. i don’t.

oh and more asians do manga and videogames because thats more mainstreak there. it’s like saying " i think america has bigger blockbuster movies" We do. cause it’s what we do.

It’s extremely subjective, but In my personal opinion it’s 5% natural talent, 95% raw dedication and hard work, it takes years and years of practicing to become good at drawing or painting, most people who claim it’s all or mostly natural talent are often the ones who ‘won’t’ put in the effort to sit down and practice, instant gratification just doesn’t happen when it comes to art.

My two cents.

It’s all about personal opinion.


try this other artist although theres more if you wanna discuss it with me aside from european artist as well. You can ask what is manga? to them XD.



One of my favorite artists from Europe.Switzerland I think.


My favorite Surrealist Photographer, Misha Gordon.


No manga though…

this guy really good, his art looks like jim lee, but not as good as jim lee though

yup i think i have chat with him one time i remember him saying hes done with “anime style” but i have been influenced by it he said. Hes working on marvel and spawn comics i think for ten years or so.

The other artist i think work also on some comic industry.