WHY! they keep making akuma weaker! in AE nooo!

This is pissing me off why the messed up akumas HK tatsu to get away from a corner instead of using Teleport!!! now when i try to get away using HK tatsu it wont even wo half screen this is BS seriously !!! while Yang and Yun over powered and faster they make original charatcters slower and harder to play with them!!!

We’ve been knowing this for months now. I’ve been recently practicing to NOT use escape tatsu from the corner during my matches in preparation for when AE would hit. It’s going to be hard in the Gief and Hawk matchups, but I should be good for the rest of the cast.

You just have to adapt your tactics my friend.

Akuma got stronger overall in AE IMO. Better U2, better AA MP.SRK, better back dash, etc.

If you have to use the HK tatsu you screwed up your spacing anyways. So the moral of the story is don’t put yourself in bad situations and you won’t need run away tools.

Now I know nothing is perfect, but at the same time people rely on escape tools too much.

Still though I tend to run a lot vs gief as you should and I’m so reliant on copter tatsu out of corners. The next best option is teleport obviously but i feel this match is going be way harder in the corner due to his new insane lp. spd range. Teleport is really unsafe so what would be another good alternative? hk df palm out into teleport?

The best alternative is to be patient and work your way out rather than opt for quick and easy gadgets. I know it is a easy habit to fall back on teleports and air tatsus because they are good if your foe isn’t expecting, but sometimes the best thing you can do is be patient and get a solid hit on your foe to buy enough time to get out of the corner. Especially against good foes who are looking for your easy outs.

Most of the time people end up in the corner because they keep backing up and giving up massive amounts of space. Good defensive zoning isn’t running away, it is holding your ground the best you can.

Once in a while you have to tough it out to keep your foe honest.

It is a bad habit i know and I need to work on it because I’m not planning on using Akuma alone. I’m starting to pick up 2-3 new characters which dont have escape options so it would be a good way to learn to tackle dangerous characters in the corner.

I think overall Akuma got stronger. I think he’ll end up only having 1 bad match up in Yun, and that might get better with time like Cammy.

How’s back dash better? Did they change anything, or it’s just the airborne thing?

Btw I fail to see how Akuma got stronger, to be completely honest.

Cowardcopter was a huge get away move, which U2 sure doesn’t make up for. It’s too easy to say “you shouldn’t end up in corner” if you ask me, it’s not like Tokido or any top player has never used that or never ended up cornered - rest assured I do know it hurts more scrubs like me.

MP SRK might be cool, but we still had a 6f invincible DP, no biggie for me here - especially since it wasn’t that rare to get 3 hit from hit.

Instead, aside from the aforementioned cowardcopter, we got a horrible EX Tatsu (which went down from 200/250 to 175/200, but most of all, it glitches basically every time you use it after 2 moves, losing one hit and ending up like 140/160) and a even worse air tatsu, since it hasn’t got the same range anymore, and if you are slightly off the thing sucks you down and you end up getting destroyed on reaction.

Also, arguably the 2 best characters in the game are both really tough for Akuma, or so it seems (great ways around fireballs, comboable ultra, a damn command grab and huge stun [Yun, dunno about Yang]).

It might be just me, but don’t really think we’re stronger this time. Maybe against… I dunno, Guile (already a good matchup)? Ryu?

You know that yun and yang are a terrible matchup in one week? Awesome. Anyways, AE is an offejsive game and cowardcopter was super defensive, so it was nerfed. Akuma is still great, shut up about nerfs that shouldnt effect you if you were playing Akuma well.

Look at the nerfs someone like Guile got then come back and complain about Akuma.

One week my arse, man. Do you really want me to point out when AE hit arcades in Japan?

And what’s this “offensive game” now? It’s SSF4 with 2 guys with a command grab and a dive kick. Cammy tkcs rushdown got nerfed, too.

Sure as hell I won’t “shut up” 'cause you tell me to, I’m just expressing my opinion here.

Hey, tell me where in my previous post I said Akuma is now low tier material or something like that.

Guess it’s hard to notice I just said that, in my opinion, Akuma didn’t get stronger, especially seeing who tops the charts these days.

Tell you what, if you KNEW that Capcom was patching the game within the next week in order to nerf Yun to be a normal character, then this sentence would be true…

Yun’s not gonna get easier in a week: first of all, every scrub who SUCKS with him right now are going to figure out his tricks. Second, every other decent player who already have a handle on him are going to have all his shennigans down pat. Heck, they’ll be able to close their eyes and beat just about anyone running on autopilot. Plus, did you see how many YUN players are out there? I saw someone with 2000BP and his ranking was somewhere around 1700 just two days after the game came out… Hell, I’m at 2000 now with Akuma and I’m ranked 80th…

No, Yun’s not getting easier though Yang’s not so bad. Oh, and on a side note, nice couple of matches last night. :wink:

Edit: the cowardcopter nerf isn’t so bad, however, I hate it in particular because I used to use it against Hakan players to bait out U2. Now if I use it in that regard, I’ll land on it. Dumb…

Was talking to the OP man.

My bad jiggly, sorry.

Eh, no problem, it happens.

How many match-up tips have you heard from Japan?

Its more of an offensive game now because of all the turtle characters getting nerfed, while all the offensive based characters getting stronger. Hence nerfs to Ryu, Guile, Balrog, Honda, rose, and Chun. Hence buffs to adon, ken, dudley, zangief, gouken, Fei Long, etc. Hence the added chars that are all offensive.

I hate when people whine about their character. Try playing SSF4 Hakan. Thats why I told you to shut up.

Hey, tell me where I said that you said that.

Also all the people Akuma had trouble with are nerfed to hell now, and Akuma got away with a slap on the wrist. This is why I’m saying don’t whine and throw a tantrum because something you never use got nerfed.

Yun is a normal character. Also, don’t people get better when they learn things that are specific to their character? Otherwise you are just playing footsies with slightly different attacks depending on which char you pick.

Also I don’t understand why people hate on characters that everyone plays. A lot of people play Akuma, does that mean that he is a scrub character? No. The name of this thread is “WHY! they keep making akuma weaker!!! in AE noooo!”, but it was honestly 2 small nerfs on moves that I see good Akuma’s (tokido, infiltration) never use. What he also got was a buffed medium SRK (more invincibility), and a huge buff to Ultra 2 (can hit crouchers and can be comboed very easily). Which is why I say man the hell up to anyone who complains to me about this.

Side note : We had some good games man. One of the few who knew what they were doing on ranked match, which was nice.

MP.SRK is better for dealing with dive kicks because it’s hit box goes vertical faster and if it trades you can HK.Tatsu to come out even. The U2 buff actually makes it viable in almost all of the match ups where as before it was situational. The EX.Tatsu nerf was annnoying, but frankly it isn’t something we can’t get around.

And yes even Tokido ended up in the corner, but at the same time just because you are in the corner doesn’t mean you should be looking for the quick way out. Against good players the coward copter was still a liability if you get baited into doing it.

The main buff to Akuma is that his core game is still intact while all of his bad match ups got better. Apart from the Twins, everyone in AE feels even or close to it.

There’s *tons *of videos in case you didn’t notice, and Tokido stressed the thing too in his blog. If this is not enough, it’s not my concern.

Oh really? Guile has to hit you you a couple more times and suddenly his core game changes and he becomes offensive?

Dude, all the character you mentioned play the same, some of them (Guile, and to some extent Honda and Balrog) will just have to work (slightly) harder.

Or do you suggest that now that Rose cannot abuse her U2 suddenly she becomes a pure rushdown character? Or that Chun will stop turtling because she lost 100 stun on her sweep and her flip became slower?


Ah, I see. Your character is a joke and you feel compelled to jump on anyone who’s discussing changes to his character. Jest away.

Is every low tier player this way? Suddenly I enjoy tier whores more.

That was precisely the meaning of your post, and you expressed that again.

Nobody whined here, OP aside.

I’m having greater luck at dealing with divekicks with normals to be honest, that is cr.MP and st.HP. That thing isn’t saving Gouki against Twins, to put it that way, when we get demolished in two mixups.

Cowardcopter wasn’t a quick way out tbh, as you mentioned you could get baited and punished. But with the right timing, it could really be hard to, so it had its uses. Don’t forget the whole distance thing I mentioned when air tatsu’ing.

U2 wise, I still think its damage is a joke, given how much it scales (3 stages) and that you’re mostly gonna land it in a FADC combo.

I could (but I won’t, because I’ve yet to figure out how we fare against all the characters who got buffed - and there’s lots of them) agree that we’re higher in the overall ranking, but I still don’t see how this character got better than its SSF4 counterpart.

Strawman arguments all around ladies and gentlemen.

I never said the turtle chars became offensive, I said the game has become a more offensive game, meaning it rewards more offensive characters, even though there are turtles. Also, complaining about things that are so miniscule and calling them BS is whining, whatever you say.

Trying to insult the character I play in a videogame…k?

I play Dudley in Third Strike, and Balrog in ST. Those are both top or almost top. Sorry to disappoint?

Strawman arguments, the lot of em.