Why tkcs removed in ae, but still in sfxt?

It has been roughly a month since I started to play SSF4, I dont even have arcade edition but i freakin luvd the game and Cammy. As a guy who never played SF before, my knowledge about matchups are absolute zero. So I have been checkin forums how to increase my cammy(only 1 I know to pull couple stuff) and realized the tkcs(i learnt the meaning of it about 3-4 days ago, you imagine how newbie I am:D) is the center of many cammy balance disgussions. For me, I am not even able to pull the move with my xbox dpad, but watching from videos, It looks damn so cool. So here is my question, born from my growing wonder, why is this move(tkcs) removed in AE, but still in sfxt?

different game and different game engine/mechanics behind why it was removed. press down back and up on the 360 pad to perform the ex version in ssf4/ae

because Ono is full of shit

Serious answer: SFxT is said to have less emphasis on throws, since everyone (apparently) has Cammy-like throw range now and the rewards for landing them sound like they will be decreased by quite a bit. So since throws are weaker the anti-throw game, which is a large chunk of what made TKCS so scary in the SF4 series, is also weaker.

the sf4 angle
tkcs was seen as a “strong” tool
sf4 series is generally being “balanced” by removing anything and everything "strong"
ex tkcs was left in as a gimme because the developers recognize(d) that tkcs was/is “fun” and “popular”

the sfxt angle
sfxt is supposed to be more “crazy” than sf4 so “strong” things are apparently more acceptable "again"
the developers giving it “back” is their acknowledgement that cammy players love and want tkcs

the conspiracy angle
they’re fishing for every possible way to get you to buy their new game
hey do you like this HAHA WE’LL TAKE IT AWAY oh do you miss it OK HERE YOU CAN HAVE IT BACK IF $$$

Will it stay in till the final cut/release is the question.

Who cares anymore :slight_smile: With SFxT I doubt I’ll be playing AE for a looooooonnnnggggg time!

it seems theres recovery to alot of moves. like you cannot link strikes ex into regular and such. and you cannot light light jump low strike as easy as super.

theres recovery to the lights that wont allow SuperCammy like pressure. i dont know how else to explain it.

its a completely different engine. and the combo system is similar to mvc3 then ssf4.

as far as i know TKCS is not spammable. you do 1. you wait. then you will be able to do the second one.

In the debut trailer she did a regular tkcs and then an ex tkcs.

i know but are you sure they actually combo’d ?? when i tried it, everything was so heavy. felt like theres a lot of recovery on everything. like no links. you can only chain moves into each other like marvel.

to be honest i havent tried ex tkcs into tkcs. i assumed it wont work. maybe ex having different properties.

couldnt spam tkcs. only played 3 matches 2 rounds each.

by the way alot of people had “time out” wins in that built. its like how mvc3 started. too many timeouts till people figured out the game and how to land mega damage for the kill.

font sucks. healthbar shaky and sux. meter bar damn its really hard to judge how much stock you have or how much single ex move would use.

heavy footsie game. example: crouch mk < instead of buffing arrow, you want to buffer hk. < reminds me of yuns target combo lol stand mp buffer back hp.

zzzz. dont remember much really.

I wouldn’t know personally as i have yet to try the game. However I guesstimate with my experience in game design, that the trailer for cammy’s “debut/showcase” trailer was stock/closed beta gameplay footage and that they also used tool assists for combos. Or they programmed the matches and recorded a rendered playthrough. -_-;

Either way, public betas distributed to events are ALWAYS older, playable, demo versions of the game anyways. So who is to say whether or not certain moves/combos work a certain way now, or later.


my friend who also tried cammy/ken team said the same about TKCS . and said that it felt “slow”. but you dont need to spam it in a game when you can whiff normals to build meter :eek:

general thought:

i think jumping will be more suicidal than SSF4 more like mvc3. because you can anti air which will leave your opponent in a juggle state, then switch over to your tag character for a hefty combo into super.

example of what could happen if close hp still cammys best AA close range + i believe theres no air reset, it would leave your opponent in juggle state:

close hp AA then cancel it into cannon spike, switch to Julia, combo, into super.

but NO ONE could land this kind of damage in the demo. everyone was spamming launchers << which are horribly unsafe on block.

I don’t know if you’ve played tekken. But that is straight up tekken technology…

Im really hoping Blanka Makes it into SFxTK, I really wanna do tag in air juggles with blanka and cammy. I love my team Green <3 If he dosnt make it ill prolly grab Lili she looks like she would partner well with Cammy

More MvC because of the character switching. But I see what you mean.

Tekken has Tag choco

I guesssssssssssssssssssssss soooooooo

Everyone keeps stealing my team ideas! T^T

First tekken tag had character swapping while opponent was mid-air to continue combos and such. Really easy and fun to do as well. :lol:

From what I’ve seen and heard, most folks that are planning to use Cammy are gonna try running Justin and Ricky’s Chun/Cammy team from NCR. Chun’s legs hold your opponent down long enough for a good Tag Cancel into Cammy.
As for TKCS, it wasn’t really used much there. Both Justin and Ricky were using the dive kicks for pressure after a knockdown.

I have a chance then!