Why Top-Tier?

You may not agree with this, and i also know that it’s not right to stereotype but i personally think shotos (Used by 9/10 noobs)…especially ken!! Top tier… he’s not as broken as yun but i think that shotos powers lie in there simplicity to use… not in there priority/stats… I’m not bothered about good kens but n00by kens suck

Ken is the only shoto that’s top tier. Plus, wtf is this topic about any ways? I don’t understand what you’re getting at. Like what kind of competition do you have? Do you play at arcade, on Xbox Live?

So…what’s the question?

Ken and Sean are pretty much the same in terms of simplicity, yet they’re not even close in quality so clearly being easy to use has nothing to do with it.

“not as broken as Yun”…people keep saying that and I know 90% of those people haven’t even played a good Yun in their entire lives.

Your a fuckin retard for that scrubby Yun remark. Try to learn Yun without getting raped 329874426492 times along the way, then you can bitch about how broken he is. Sure he’s top tier but that doesnt change the fact that he’s mediocre without meter and eats damage like a bitch.

Ken is all around perfect and easy to pick up. But then again you’re an idiot and a whiny little scrub so I can see why you wouldnt see that.:lame:

Ken is top tier because…

  1. He is fast and strong , but he life ain’t short.
  2. His light srk can hit twice and recover so fast.
  3. He got a 3 hits anti-air ,4 hit if it’s EX.
  4. His stand HK is so heavy and has moving forward ability.
  5. He got a move that is dedicated to cross you up.
  6. He got 2 target combos that can link into SA3 on your wakeup.
  7. His air EX spin kick takes like 30% alone, not to mention he can srk you afterward.
  8. Even his taunt is useful.

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“Yeah, s.HK is a nice parry bait.”

Not even a good player can always see it coming and parry it , and if he can, then any pokes are parry bait.

“Ken’s cross-up works great against XBL scrubs. :tup:
BTW, he’s not the only character that has a cross-up.”

So you think j.mk has no value on good players? anyway ,it is better for ken to have a cross-up than not to have it.

“I know about close s.MP, s.HP, but what is the other target combo?”

His c.lk c.lp c.lk sa3, maybe not a target combo ,but it is a combo.

“Oh yeah. close s.MP, s.HP x Taunt = best combo ever”

Who told you to do that ? you do it after a knockdown. Same reason Q won’t do mk x taunt , if you know what I mean…

Funny how you had the balls to call someone else’s post a joke. Everything Hyperbob said was valid even if some of it was oddly worded.

tell that to ur mum… BTW that combo aint that hard… lol u must be shit:rofl:

Har har, That would be pretty funny if I was in the 6th grade.:rolleyes:

That combo? WTF are you talking about? Your obviously an idiot and a scrub if you think a combo has anything to do with what I was saying. Go bitch and complain on gamefaqs you sorry ass scrub.

I think Ken is top tier for the following reasons:

    -ALL of Ken’s normals can be followed (and most can be linked) by an immediate shoryuken. None of the other shotos have that technique. He very fast recovery from most of his moves. His moves also have some of the highest priority (under Hugo and a couple others) in the game.

  2. Great set of specials
    -Shoryu Reppa is a little questionable, but Ken’s other supers are very good. Shinryuken is extremely strong and can be combo’d into by most of Ken’s basic target and cancel combos. It has a big bar with only one stock, and the recovery time is bad. However when landed it is well worth using it. Shippu Jinrai Kyaku is one of the best specials in the game. It’s almost an unfair advantage sometimes. It has three (not very long) stocks and provides Ken with the most EX of any of the three supers. It can be combo’d into with a TON of things… making it possible to go up to an extra four hits before the super art even starts. Its great recovery time also allows you to follow your blocked super with another super, srk, grab, etc. if your opponent doesn’t make a move within about 3 frames.

  3. Defense & Offense
    -Ken can take hits moderately well. He has better defense than the other shotos besides Ryu… and any suffering from blows is recovered by his high priority. His offense is great. He is the second strongest (strongest along with Chun in the top tiers) under Ryu and has a ton of setups and combos. Most commonly is the mp, hp, lk srk… but there are much more that do lots of damage. Mk in the air can cross-up an opponent any day and link to a super art… which only a few other players can do.

  4. The shoto characteristics
    -Ken has the stuff that the other shotos have. lk, lp, lk… grab, mp + mk, sweep, etc. The fact that he has these things to compliment his other individual techniques makes him even better. Shotos have the best wakeup techniques in the game. EX srk’s cannot be overridden, back + c.mk can be linked to the shippu, d.lk is fast, quick and easy… all the shoto stuff that we all know and love.

  5. The KARA
    -This is definitely unfair. If you are a Ken player and you master the kara… you can do some serious damage. Being able to do double srk’s at midscreen adds up A LOT. The average Ken player does a lot of lp srk’s, and with the kara the opponents damage is doublly severed.

  6. Taunt
    -He’s got a great taunt that does damage and pisses off your opponent. It’s one of the only taunts that actually gets me angry. lol.

c.mk super…throw…short short super…

thats why hes top tier

He’s top tier cos a blond woman had some say in the game’s development.

probably swedish too

reet… just askin why

Ken is up there in the top 3 because he has;

No real weaknesses.
Several high, low and overhead hit confirms into SA3. (C.MP, C.LK, C.MK, far MP, MP->HP, UOH, B + MK, F + HK)
SA3 cancels off his long ranged normals.
Devestating game on their wakeup.
Average bracket stun / health constitution.
Shoto normals, specials, dash and throw. Among the best in the game.
Better than average punishment ability. Way out of Makoto, and Yun’s, league though.

:wtf: :rofl:

Yun is not broken at all, infact, I’d say (a little off topic to my point) he’s a quite complicated character to use if you’re using Geniejin, what with all the possibilities and combinations he has… the effect is limitless. Ken is easy to use, yes… but it all matters if YOU’RE good, and that applies to all characters. I’ve been playing since day one, and I can pretty much use every character, but I mainly use Ryu, Ken and Dudley, why? Because I personally think they’re great characters, and if someone doesn’t like that, they can kiss my ass.

amen… lol… i seriously think that when capcom made SF3 i think they mad yun good by accident