Why tripping in brawl is awesome and why you should stop whining about it

As well all know tripping is a random factor, whos odds of occurring can be increased by doing things repeated or by always approaching on the ground rather than though the air. Ppl raise a huge fuss about how it effects this and that but under normal conditions its going to even out in the end and most of the time a trip hardly effects the game and I have had trips help me before as Im sure some of you had as well.

After playing against a certain playing style which I find gay, boring, and cheap ass, aka Im going to pick Pit(sometimes Lucario, but with more attacks and less B) stand under the platform on BF and spam projectiles against your non reflector char then when you get close either dodge to the other side and keep spamming B, or once you get careless and frustrated after this occurring for the 8th time run up and actually attack you, and sometimes just mix it up. And it basically always times out too by the way cause its just such a run away defensive style only possible due to the roll dodge speed that Pit and Lucario have.

Now that tactic raeps my ZSS(and poses to be loving annoying with most my other chars), pretty hard exceptionally on Battlefield where I can’t even approach him at an angle easily, and he makes all my moves except for a few punishable on block. I found out after a few games all I have to is poke him(don’t expect to hit him, and be safe about it) and wait for him to trip(and be ready to punish it), cause he is constantly on the ground and spamming 1 move both of which greatly increase tripping potential plus if I trip I normally only get an arrow in the face. Of course then they start whining how tripping is so unfair, but hey there are known ways to increase your odds of tripping, and that tactic uses all of them, so you can effectively use tripping to help stop that tactic. Which Im sorry but losing is fun while frustrating, but playing against that win or lose makes me want to quit brawl, and Im happy tripping does something to nerf it.


Stratz aren’t cheap bro

this is one of the few places that hasn’t been moaning about tripping.

at least not to my knowledge.

err…as far as I know…We haven’t really been complaining too much about tripping. Acknoledged that it sucked? Yes, however we moved on and made a mental note of it instead of continuing to complain about it and find out how to hack the game and take it out. It’s there…it’s something you have to deal with like random dizzies in ST. Besides most of the time when tripping occurs it isn’t game breaking…trips have a small bit of invincibility on them when you’re recovering so after you trip it’s not always advantageous to just immediately get up…If anything it’s a situation by situation basis.

@Marty yeah I know just I think I got tired of some ppl whining(mostly offline) non stop about tripping, maybe I should post this on smash boards :smiley: (need to get an account first, I used to lurk a little but stopped. Some ppl here were talking about the no tripping hack being good, but a decent portion of the ppl said it didn’t really matter, I was just kinda of exicted I was able to use a hated feature of the game to beat a annoying strat.

and to reply to everything is legit, it is a legit strat and not really any better than the others but it has advantages but im sorry trying to make your opponent get frustrated and angry by playing super defensive with a really smug look on their face, and just playing asshole mind games with their only ONLY intent being to win and rub it in your face in a casual match, is pretty gay, and about 1/2 though the match third match which is going to take about 10-15mins per match if its not time locked odds are your mental game is not going to be 100%. At least it prepares me if anyone does this during a real tourney, but its just casuals.

back on topic well I was pointing out with some maybe alot of rage that you can use trip to your advantage, depending on your oppentents play style and I think thats pretty neat.

And as a note on punishing them I get them right when they are still falling over so they have no options, Im mostly able to do this cause Im waiting and expecting a trip.

PS:when I say mind games im not talking about mixups Im talking about their comments during the game. Mixups are cool, mind games during casuals in this sense are not. Casuals are good for two things getting better, and having fun, which doesn’t necessarily imply the need to win.

Tripping out of a run is stupid, it’s movement, why would you punish anyone for moving?

Moves that when they hit you cause you to trip aren’t

Tripping punishes people who DO use a lot of ground movement. If Pit stands in one spot and projectile spams, he’s a lot less likely to trip than a character trying to do ground-based mixups.

If anything, tripping makes it more difficult for people to get around the annoying (but sadly legit) strats.

And if you’re playing against projectile-spamming/camping Lucarios…they’re playing him wrong and you should be WINNING.

Get better at the game, son. Then come back and complain/anti-complain. At this stage, it looks like someone complaining about Akuma’s air fireball in 3rd Strike.

I don’t hate tripping or anything like that. It just frustrates me because if it wasn’t induced by another character’s attack, you could be trying to space, pressure an opponent, running to get to the edge and continue your offencive pressure by edgeguarding or simply continuing your assault on someone after they were knocked back. It just completely stops the momentum and leaves you immobile for a few moments, enough that your opponent can replace himself and change the match’s rhythm.

the projectile spam isn’t the problem I pretty much never get hit by it, it just makes me take about 10seconds to cross the field safetly and just makes the match take alot longer, hmm its hard to describe. You would have to play against it, its not that they are spamming projectiles they just keep running away and poking with really safe hits. Its nearly impossible to explain why this is difficult cause many ppl try this and it just doesn’t work at all, I didn’t understand how this was annoying at first its mostly cause they drag out the match so damn much if its a timed match its cool though, but without a time limit the match WILL last nearly forever, unless you get to agreessive and you lose, and pits/lucarios fast side step is why they are the only chars you can do it with, part of the problem was my char selection ZSS can’t really punish this strat at all my Sheik/Snake/Wolf raeped the guy cause they can punish dodges easily.

plus you approach projectile spammers by short hopping dodge that is until the last bit where I perfer doing a dash breaking into a smash. And like I said alot of the problem I had was these ppl were the kind of ppl you can’t stand losing to like normally I go sweet someone better than me, help me get better but these ppl its like STFU you asshole and playing like a 3 stock match that lasts 10-15minutes mostly of them dodging and running gets boring and lulls me at least into near sleep.

Lol, Sirlin hacked ST.

Except he’s not marketing it as the same game. It’s not ST, it’s ST: HD Remix.


So basically, they’re using a really good strategy that carries over to a ton other fighting games?

yeah but for some reason it just pisses me off in brawl, don’t know why \O_O/ . plus its more dodging than poking and since you really can’t put long block string in brawl it normally turns into you running up doing 2-3 blocked or dodged hits then jumping back all O_o arn’t you know going to attack me or throw a projectile(then only projectile when im far away), and it just has me all ???, it would be like someone in SFIII just standing in the corner parrying all your shit but only attacking when you WILL get hit and never putting any pressure on you. You really have to play against it cause I saw my friend have a tough match and was all wtf, it looks so easy then its like why am I barely winning against this and why has this match already lasted 11min, but I guess this is why most ppl play with time cause if I get even 1 kill ahead I basically win, cause then they have to play my game. But if they get 1 kill ahead ohhh well keep trying, and I have a few shots.

After experimenting around If someone does this in a tourney to me, after first round Ill just change chars if I lose cause some chars like snake/MK/Marth/G&W and like 6-7 more this particular strat doesn’t work, mainly cause those chars damn safe, and they really can’t be punished easily. While Im not as good with these chars in general, it seems to work better against that play style better, plus I also do know how to play those chars sorta.

Pisses everyone off. And also, the SFIII example you used just sounds like turtling to me, which is a legitimate style of play.

yeah it is turtling thanks for reminding me of the term, it might be legit but I hate fighting it cause it just sucks ALL the fun out of the game for me.

Everyone hates fighting turtlers. That’s why you have to fuck 'em up so they go “goddamn turtling aint working out for me”

Then they switch to a different playing style. Then you fuck 'em up again. Rinse. Repeat.

If you hate tripping, then play snake; he never has to dash so he never has to worry about tripping.

You get bugged about tripping at first, but you get use to it after awhile. It sucks though when you trip into a fsmash.

I’ve lost maybe two matches out of maybe a thousand because I’ve tripped… if you can predict and punish roll dodge, well sorry maybe you should get better :frowning: you can roll too!