Why tripping in brawl is awesome and why you should stop whining about it

I think tripping is lame. It literally punishes movement and that’s whack, but you have to hack your wii or get over it because you have more fun forgetting about it.

Thread necroing seriously people

yeah this was mostly an angry rant and now I destroy this guy even in bad matchups cause he got too predictable (and never improved), but in comments you said I can roll dodge as well, but some characters are better at it than others great example Samus roll dodge is slow and very easy to punish, Lucario’s and Pits is very fast and a little tricker to punish but I really don’t mind tripping anymore its just there to mess with you. I did lose a match 3 days ago because the opponent tripped though.

At time it can be pretty game costing because i was at a tournament Saturday and it was loser’s finals, MK vs. MK, and both were well above 100%, one of them slipped, then the other dsmashed FTW, the loser didn’t complain, but was hella pissed from the way that he loss

tripping is stupid…comparing it to random dizzies in SF is stupid…now if you got dizzy randomly from walking back and forth then it would be comparable don’t know why they put it in the game. but its there deal with it.

That’s why you take tripping out with the no tripping code…


but if you do that…will diddy’s bananas still trip you? if not…then can’t see how that version could be played on a tournament level

Tripping is part of the game! Get used to it fellas. <3

I lost to my noob friend due to me tripping into his F-smash (he was using ike)

i have every right to complain

Diddy’s bananas still cause the slip animation. As do all other attacks with those effects.

You know if you are in the air you can’t trip, and if your friend was a n00b you should be able to 3 stock him, and Ike’s f-smash is a good friend of Murphy’s law, so remember that and don’t just run in.

As far as I know slipping != tripping

^^^ slip and trip. He’s right.

Tripping is retarded. There shouldn’t be a debate there. It’s a terrible game mechanic. No one should enjoy it.

Ugh, I hate it when my ch trips.
However, I do like how chs can recover from the “shield-pop” dizzy state now just through the player mashing buttons-sort of like how dizzy recovery is done in in SF II. (Unlike in melee, if I am not mistaken.) It saves the player a lot of time.

My problem with tripping wasn’t so much that it happens, it was the fact that it was absent from so many of the reviews that I read. I think that’s a pretty valid thing to mention. I can still play the game with it, but a little warning would have been nice.