Why use CR. LP ( as opposed to S. LP )?



Hey all,

Another newbie Bison normals question. This one is regarding lights.

I can see reasons to switch between most of the light moves. I know that the LK moves have a bit more range than LP moves, but that the LP moves have better frame advantage ( +3 on block vs + 2 ). I also know that LK Scissors can only be cancelled into by S. LK, but that C. LK hits low. So, good tradeoffs there.

But I don’t understand what the benefit of C. LP is, compared to S. LP. They have the same startup and the same frame advantage, but C. LP has a shorter range. C. LP has a shorter duration overall, but I don’t know why that would matter.

Yet again, I see most players going for C. LP when doing reversals out of blockstun. Could anyone explain why?


Maybe pushback?


You can charge down with cr.LP, allowing for Headstomp or Devil Reverse as a follow up. Also, staying in crouch position makes you block moves that hit low. Sometimes it’s better (faster) to block low and react to what the opponent is doing with cr.LP rather than having to move your stick up then s.LP.