Why use S. MK ( vs. S. MP )?



Hey all,

I’m still pretty new with Bison, trying to figure out what are the right uses for all of his normals. I think I have a hang on most of them, but S. MK still confuses me. When comparing it with S. MP, it seems like S.MP is better in almost every way. Here’s how I see it:

  • S. MK has slightly ( less than a tick on the Grid ) more range than S. MP
  • They have identical animation timing information ( Startup, Active, Recovery )
  • S. MP has higher hitstun, leaving it +6 on hit compared with S. MK which is +2 on hit
  • S. MP has higher blockstun, leaving it +2 on block compared with S. MK which is -2 on block
  • The hitboxes appear very similar, although S. MK seems to cover a bit more area closer to Bison…?
  • The hurtboxes also appear very similar

So given that the timing and geometry are almost the same, the frame advantage on S. MP just seems like it’s way better. Yet, I definitely see high level players using S. MK sometimes. I must be missing something then, so what about S. MK makes it worth using?

Thanks for any advice!


Range advantage is the single most important aspect.
But there is other subtle factors.
S.MK is better at countering opponent with crouching pokes. It hits lower and Bison doesn’t lean forward as far as S.MP.
S.MP is better at countering standing pokes. It hits higher. Bison leans very far forward during the start up of this move.
S.MP overall is slightly more susceptible to whiff punishes as Bison’s hurtbox stays extended for longer than S.MK.


S.MK’s hitbox is also more upward so you can can jump attempts more easily than S.MP