Why was MK V.S. DC universe not played competitively?


I don’t think I ever see anyone play that game serious. Is it because the game lack fundamentals like other fighters? The combos were too hard? Or was the game broken?

I personally didn’t play the game serious because the same characters are picked(Scorpion) and I’ve played several hackers.

I want to hear why this game was a failure form the view of the Fighter community.


Because it was a shitty game. Might as well ask why none of the UFC games are played.


Basically what Yomi said. The game was ass. It was REALLY REALLY bad. and just not worth playing.





At least the game was hilarious




I used to play that game ALOT on my old ps3 when it first came out, and over-time the constant infinites and eventually the glitches that were found just made me stop playing the game all together. It sucks when your trying to play a character like Batman or Deathstroke and someone catches you with flashes/supermans inf.

Oh well I guess, I still don’t think the game is HORRENDOUS…I had a ton of fun playing that game when infs weren’t involved. I’m really hoping that after that Injustice game nether realm studios is working on, they’ll make a mk vs dc 2 in mk9 gameplay, here’s to hoping


Shitty and glitchy online.

Serious balance issues that enforced tournament rules and bans (lol)

Balance patch that never became true.

The bad: the mk “loyal” fans didnt liked the game cause of the toned down blood and gore

The ugly: All the online comunnity drama taking seriously one of the most faulty fighting games online netcodes EVER.

I liked the game, A LOT, but wehere also had our share of “guilty” stuff with it.

We played it just with the MK chars and called it MK8 lol, at least the game was a bit more balanced that way (TL:DR we didnt took it seriously)


These grand finals may be the best and hughest level we will see for a long while of this game (offline of course):




Has any of the Clayfighter games been played at a tournament? Just curious.


The Superman infinite was found DAY 1 lmao


Its the same engine as mk9 basically. MK9 plays ALOT closer to this than it does to MK3. 9 is garbage too imo. Typical newer style mk just with the cast of 3 giving it mad hype.


I played it at Game Over video games, and won 2nd place, I used the clowns fierce headbutt to get me there. I would have won too, but then the guy running it said NO MORE CLOWN! :confused: Got $10.