Why was Ryu higher than Ken in the Super tier list?

>Why was Ryu higher than Ken in the Super tier list?

and why is he lower on the “list” now?

i know its not the bible of match ups but id like to hear the logic behind it as it relates to super and ae.

Because of Ryu’s zoning game. That and Ryu having a silly AA game, LP shoryuken to ex hado or even ultra. The reason he is lower now is mainly due to crouch mk hado not being a true block string now. Because you could poke from far away with crouch mk hado. Now you have to use crouch mp hado, which moves you even closer, but mp is still a solid normal in it’s own merit.

Basically, AE, rewards agressiveness, and Ken is a more aggressive character than Ryu. The ability to dash in and start a monsterous tick throw game, combined with Ken’s 8 billion god damn links.

Ryu had and has better fireball, better ultra, air tatsu to escape corner pressure, better and comboable sweep which set him up for easy safe jump setup.
Biggest buff for Ken is his new sweep, which can be combo’ed into.

what makes c.mk to hado unsafe, i thought if it combo’d its a safe block string?

also, is ryu still the heavier hitter or does kens comboing abilities in ae give him that crown now?

thank you, are these situations possible with kens crmkhado/shor or is his string tight enough?

also more information on the OP would be appreciated aswell :):slight_smile:


Depends on the spacing, and in many cases you don’t have to worry so much about reversals. A bigger problem is that it’s easy to FADC through the hadouken and punish with a fat combo.