Why was the pelican ps3 adapter discontinued?

Ive been looking for a way to use a custom stick with ps1 DS pcb (no analog button, which means most usb adapters won’t work for vf5. correct me if im wrong) on the ps3 and the pelican adapter seems to be the only solution.

However, the prices people are asking atm are a little out of my price range. I’m just wondering why these adapters have been discontinued? There’s obviously a demand for them, why wouldn’t they capitalize on this demand? Is it because the demand is only skewed to the niche fighting-game market?

I wondered the same thing. And it is not only cornered to the fighting game market, but seems to also be in demand for Guitar Hero/Rock Band players which seems to be top of the chart right now.


Legal issues.

Can you elaborate? o.o

Sony made them stop.

Sony >>> Fighting gamers. Deal with it.

That’s Sony for ya.

“Hey, lets force this third party company stop producing accessories that may make people purchase our worthless console.”

I picked up some noname converter off ebay and it works well with my namco stick. Though, I don’t have an actual PS3 stick or have played KoFXI without the namco/converter, but nonetheless there’s no feeling of lag compared to when I play on other consoles with sticks that are made for said consoles.