Why was WTF removed as a reaction?




Trolls were going through and tagging posters’ entire history as OT or WTF and said posters went to the mods/admins.

Admins came along and killed an ant with a sledgehammer.

We did get 15 extra ignore slots though. If that interests you.


good to know, thanks


Didn’t know about the extra ignores, that will be useful. If WTF was better defined it wouldn’t be such a problem. There should be a WTF for an honest reaction of WTF?! and then there should be a one for just complete shitposting like when people make dumb ass polls. Off topic should have been kept for rule violations.


WTF was like a new age negative rep. Back to all politically correct reactions


The problem is that if we give people the option to bury other peoples posts, trolls end up abusing the option.


And trolls will use the opportunity to post disgusting/stupid shit when there aren’t any active moderators around.

I mean, it must have been hard to click a buried post to reveal its contents, otherwise you wouldn’t have removed the feature. </sarcasm>

I don’t know why we have to PM you mods for abuse reports. Ya’ll never on most of the year.