Why wasn't Makoto's SA2 Touch of Death banned?


As the topic say’s; why hasn’t this TOD with SA2 never been banned? It seems pretty easy to me that the rules could ban her follow up after SA2.

So why hasn’t this been done? Please no trolling.

I’m not asking for Denjin or unblockable Aegis to be banned, just this one move that is an instant kill 99.9% of the time. If she hits you with SA2, there is absolutely nothing you can do to get out, unlike the Aegis crossup, the Denjin, etc. Why is this allowed?

Scrubquotes is back!

Cause you just need to not get caught by karakusa?


…That’s a big punishment for one mistake though.


Because this is what made Makoto effective. Pretty stupid to ban something like that.


Welcome to fighting games. Big punishes for small (or big) mistakes is what fighting games have been all about. If you don’t want to get TOD’d, don’t get touched in the first place.


Because there’s nothing wrong with TOD!


How would you even ban the tactic? Not let people pick U2?

Telling people they can’t finish a combo is pretty ridiculous.


Again. Exactly how often does this happen.

Hint: Not very.


I’ve been playing Third Strike since 2007. Traveling and going to many arcades with some of the best American players, and this ‘TOD’ has never happened to me in the 4 years I’ve been playing competitively. Honestly it’s not something you will see done consistently enough for it to be a real threat at high level, though if they are obviously better than you, they are probably going to take the risk and try ‘TOD’ to practice or just simply stunt101 master flex on you.


Because the community doesn’t ban shit willy nilly

We might as well ban Dictator’s and DeeJay’s TOD in HDR / ST if we were to go with your logic


No. It has never been banned and never will be.

Against most characters, Makoto has to grab you with Karakusa while her back is in the corner. (You can be closer to the timer in the middle in some matchups. In some matchups the kara-Fukiage followup won’t work at all, like against Chun-Li.) She also has to have at least one bar (and she might be able to build the other bar during the combo?) Don’t get picked up by Karakusa while Makoto has meter and her back is in the corner. Close thread.


Yeah it’s pretty stupid. Almost as stupid as a game where every single character can TOD with or without some kind of mechanic that lets you like extend combos and cancel block stun and do all sorts of crazy shit. If they are going to ban stupid shit, shouldn’t they ban Makoto and this type of game if ever it were to exist? I guess so.

U2 is kind of a silly choice. Bono is goofy if you ask me. I wouldn’t buy one of their CDs. Oh, PS, SSFIV is a great game.


does anybody have aclip of this tod? iv never seen it before ?


Lol yeah, that’s mostly what I talk about here so I just put it without thinking.




i take that back i have seen it before


Don’t get hit by it.


You might not want to play 3s.


All I need is instincts! Grr.


She can only effectively 100% stun two characters with just a regular Karakusa->HP->SA2->Fukiage->sj.HP combo.

All the rest she needs to do the Double Fukiage juggle, which is hard to do consistently(even Tominaga drops it once in a while), and it still can’t 100% stun Hugo, Alex, Dudley, Oro, and Q. I have yet to see anybody even land this on Chun.

Makoto and the opponent have to be in a certain portion of the screen where she is closer to her side and the opponent has to at most be beneath the timer.

It is a very situational Super that just so happens to be seen a lot because a lot of people are willing to gamble getting hit by it in order to beat down Makoto in the corner.

It is definitely avoidable.