Why wasn't the MK stick popular at EVO?



I’m new here but I have been playing fighting games for a long time. I recently have been interested in the Tourney Fighting Scene, so I still have a lot to learn.

I bought the MK stick based on the great reviews, but I’m not sure if it was popular at EVO or not. Is that because MK was on ps3 instead of 360 and the Dpad seems good for MK? I tried the 8 button layout for MK, and it didn’t work for me.

But I’m loving the MK stick so far, I know it requires some modding, but out of the box I have already been able to pull off crazy combos.




Its a horrible transportation stick. It needs separate luggage and isn’t suitable as carry on. If I am travelling to EVO and could carry on one arcade stick I would choose a TE. (of course I would actually travel with custom sticks.)


Before it was recently released mk wasn’t very high demand…sticks were set up in the eight pattern vlx format and a lot of fighting games used a format that went well with that design… Mk had always been unique in that button style and it’s not really useable for other games… A lot of the players at evo were competing in other fighting games as well so it would make sense to use just one stick and get used to one button pattern placement…


I use a stick for SSFIV and MvC3 but for some reason I just prefer a pad for MK, I know I’m not the only person who thinks that too so that may have had something to do with what you noticed at EVO.


MK is better (for most) on a PS3 pad. I play it on stick, but I’m on xbox. If I were on PS3 I’d be using a pad.

It’s also kind of a terrible stick. Full of nostalgia, and not full of quality parts.


Are you talking about the pdp stick or the madcatz replacement panel?

Most people wont mod their panel on TE cuz it limits you to that one game specifically. Far as the PDP stick goes, the buttons going on the stick during their OWN sponsored tourney after a day and a half of use wasnt very good advertisement for them.

Plus on a TE you can remove the first top button on the left, and the 3rd on the bottom from the left and have basically the same layout with only $2 spent on hole plugs vs $30-50 for the replacement panel.


I am talking about the pdp stick. I havent heard of the MadCatz replacement panel. is that suppose to be good?




oh thats pretty cool!!! but I guess I would have to buy another TE stick and then use that huh? thats alot of $$$! I honestly have no clue to which sticks are good and which arent :frowning: I’m so new to this.


not really, go with whatever suits you and your wallet better.

though if you really feel the need. You can just buy the panel and the parts. Put it all together and whenever you want to use the 5 button layout, just unscrew the torx and swap the panels.


u can always swap panels with quick disconnections will take 5 mins tops no need to buy a new te


I’ve been saying this to MK Layout “diehards” since before MK9’s release. There is nothing bad about using a Street Fighter button layout for MK9 specifically, because the controls aren’t dependent on a run button that you awkwardly hold in addition to blocking; guiding your hand around the rest.


Attack buttons are nothing more than a Tekken layout with a block button thrown in.


Believe it or not, people do care about their money. $150 for a stick that practically works for only 5 games at most is not a good investment. It’s perfectly playable on a pad that comes with your console.


Well, if you want to limit the use of a stick solely on fighting games, I would understand. Remember that you can also use the stick for games like Castle Crashers, Ikaruga, TMNT, etc. that have gameplay tracing back to the arcades.

Some people just naturally perform better on a stick anyway. It is a preference that varies from person-to-person.


I once used my TE to play Final Fantasy games. Why you ask because I can, and I forgot to charge my Dual Shock 3. Yes I know I can charge it while playing, but I can.

I got tons of oldies but goodies I use my arcade stick for, shmups, Metal Slug Anthology, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda.

I also want to mention the MK stick is large, hard to carry and takes up alot of space.


I was best friends with the PDP stick to train for the tourney (Nationals). And I actually prefer it over the SFIV TE (Combat Panel+TE mod is another story, though).

Stick to what best suits you.


I brought mine to Evo. The game is pretty good on pad or Japanese stick, but for this game, I much prefer the MK style layout with American parts. I fit it in my suitcase by removing the joystick while in transit, and put my Japanese style stick in my other carry-on. I definitely can’t blame people for not going through that, though. Haha.


I actually played half of FFXIII with my HRAP3.

Also, it’s a bit of a stretch (on the fingers I mean) but the MK stick can be used for Tekken, so that’s another series of FGs it can work for.